Let the time pass

Author Kgk

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  • Published On 02-01-22
  • Language English

​ LET THE THE PASS every one waiting for something They walk in the way, reach somewhere They build colorful sceneries, long rivers, experience those little moments Don't you think our story is different Let the time pass, it will be good oneday We are riding in roller coaster Are you feeling the pressure Let the time pass, it will vanish one day Don't look down, it is scary Don't look up, you will be more confused Let the time pass, everything will be clear Wait here, let the roller coaster come down We will run through the colourful towns Let the time pass, in those beautiful moment Let me tell you the secret, nothing is forever Let the time pass, we will light up our sky My first lyrics for you, every thing Gonna be fine Let the time pass

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  • Published Date: 02-Jan-2022


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