Affiliate Program

Become a BlueRoseONE Affiliate

The BlueRose Affiliate Program allows you to make money from referrals to BlueRose at a discounted cost to your audience. Set up a BlueRose account today and apply for a Coupon for the affiliate program for free. The moment you join the BlueRose Affiliate Program, you are provided with a unique coupon that you can share on your website, blog, or social media. Here is your chance to earn some commission for every customer who uses the coupon and successfully completes the purchase. Once you become an affiliate you will have access to the BlueRose affiliate portal, where you can track your performance, post-affiliate-specific discount coupons, and review your sales report.

Follow the steps to enroll and get paid:

1. Fill the form and generate a coupon. Only alphabets are accepted for coupons with a maximum of 10 characters. Eg. FLYBOOKS.
2. Once you’re registered, you’ll get a confirmation mail and you are all set.
3. Inform your followers about your coupon code and request them to use it while they publish their title with us.
4. Every time your coupon is used, you’ll be informed and will be paid 15% of the package value. What’s in it for your followers? Well, they will get a flat 35% discount. Win-win!