Don't Go There

Author Hemanth Sagar . H

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  • fiction thriller adventourous haunted scary
  • Published On 03-01-22
  • Language English

What would you have done if people who came to your village disappeared and the police couldn't help anyone? Death omen spreading who is going to be the next person. What will you do if a hooded figure tries to attack you, you shoot him back but nothing happens to him. A family was found dead in their mansion. One of the best detectives hired even then can’t find the culprit. The detective searches and he finds himself almost dead on many occasions. Three 15 year children without knowing become a part of the journey in which one wrong move will lead to your death. Join the journey with the author and find out. Will the case be solved? Will the culprit be found? What will happen to him? Will the detective and children be safe? Will, the village get back its old lost glory? : To find out, read my book “don’t go there.”

  • Total Chapters: 2 Chapters.
  • Format: Stories
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction
  • Tags: fiction, thriller, adventourous, haunted, scary,
  • Published Date: 03-Jan-2022

The murder mystery

Death awaits more

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Hemanth Sagar . H


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Excellent work!

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Pleasure to read!

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