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Success is predictable. Being successful means to achieve what you desire in your planned goals. The secret of success is about achieving what you aim for.

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  • Published Date: 30-Jun-2022

SUCCESS : Victory or Accomplishment

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Farzana Hussain


Syed Wasif Iqbal Gilani


"The Elephant Rope" masterfully captures the essence of the human condition, skillfully drawing parallels between the perceived limitations of a group of majestic elephants and the self-imposed constraints that individuals willingly subject themselves to in their relentless pursuit of success. In this intriguing scenario, we witness a gentleman's encounter with a mesmerising sight - a majestic troupe of colossal elephants, seemingly held captive by nothing more than a delicate rope delicately tied around their front legs. Curious and seeking answers, our protagonist engages in a conversation with a knowledgeable trainer regarding the elephants' apparent lack of enthusiasm. With a deep understanding of the subject matter, the trainer delves into the psychological aspects that underlie this intriguing phenomenon. The brevity of the story effectively conveys its message, urging readers to introspect and contemplate the consequences of misguided notions on their own lives. The metaphorical depictions of human behaviour through elephants in this story truly elevate its appeal. The story's straightforwardness is undeniably captivating, making it accessible to a wide range of viewers. The enthralling correlation between elephants and individuals harbouring misguided notions prompts readers to introspect and undergo personal growth. The trainer's argument effectively highlights the profound impact of conditioning on behaviour. The emotional resonance of the characters, particularly the elephants, could benefit from further development, enhancing the reader's connection. The narrative could benefit from the inclusion of additional details or a deeper exploration of the animals' emotions. Including an exploration into the effects of breaking free from incorrect ideas in the story adds a layer of richness and depth. The narrative can offer a more comprehensive portrayal of mental health difficulties by delving into this aspect. "The Elephant Rope" masterfully delivers a profound moral message through the clever use of metaphor. With its simplicity and relatability, the story manages to captivate audiences of all ages, leaving them pondering its profound themes. The narrative effectively inspires individuals to triumph over challenges and attain both personal and professional triumphs through the cultivation of introspection and the confrontation of misguided notions.