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We are a self-publishing company in UK that uses our book publishing platform to allow authors who wish to be independent become self-published authors.

You can now build your book online and publish it globally in minutes using our book production DIY tool.

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Self-publishing in UK. Book Publishing Company in UK

Book Publishing Services & Self-Publishing Company in UK

We are a seasoned and cost-effective UK based self-publishing company with a global network. We are one of London's best book publishers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We help our authors acquire global notoriety by promoting their books on international platforms such as Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Ingram. BlueRose Publishers is one of the greatest self-publishing platforms in UK, with over 3000 titles published in various languages and genres in the last few years. We self-publish books in a variety of regional and foreign languages.

Book Interior Designing

Using our self-publishing platform you can get customized book interior design which includes formatting for your book.

Book Cover Designing

We provide book publishing platform that includes best in class book cover designs which are suitable for your manuscripts & also would attract the reader's attention.

Book Copy editing

We come up with book editing services as well which would elevate the quality of your manuscript. Now, self-publish your book in UK with BlueRose Publishers.

eBook conversion

Conversions of paperback and hardbound to eBooks into your desired eBook format. Choose, BlueRose for online book publishing.

Author Website

Our team of experts will create a personalised author website for you that will have all the information about you and your books.

Book Marketing

We provide book marketing services that would help you in promoting your book world wide on different social media platforms.

Guided self-publishing

Our team of publication experts will help you to publish your book on a world wide platform. As being one of the promising self publishing company in UK We offer the services of publication to different genres and types of books i.e fiction, non fiction, poetry, etc.

Book Store Distribution

We provide online & offline store distribution as well which would make it easier for readers to buy the desired copies.

Newspaper Coverages

We provide services of online & offline press release and newspaper coverage to our authors as well which would help people to know about your book.

Why Choose BlueRose for Self-publishing a Book in UK?

We are an author-centric self-publishing company in UK that is dedicated to doing all possible to support writers express their tales to the world. Ever since we have maintained an active presence in the book publishing sector. We understand that your work is your most valued possession, and that you want to see it published and available in the market.

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Premium services for Publishing a Book in UK

BlueRoseOne is a self-publishing platform in the UK that offers a variety of services to authors ranging from ISBNs to book promotion. We construct a customised contract based on the package and add-ons you select. The author alone receive all the royalty. The team of publication experts, including the manager, cover designers, editorial board, typographers, post-publication department, and marketing team, will assist you at every step of the publishing process.

Every book is a representation of your imagination. We believe in keeping those pages immaculate and bright, so you can be proud of what you have made. We make certain that your creation has the most brilliant and colourful pages possible. That is why book publishing company in UK like us employ top-of-the-line printing machinery to provide you with a distinct and eye-catching book that is more likely to be picked up by readers.

Who doesn’t want their book to be read by a large number of people? BlueRoseONE use every available venue to increase the visibility of your book, from national media coverage to street light merchants. Writing a book and having it published is only half of the struggle. The fate of the other half, and hence the overall win, is unquestionably determined by proper and successful book promotion. We arrange every venue for your book’s viewing, from self-publishing in UK, India, and the USA to international media attention.

To avoid being overlooked in today’s cutthroat competitive world of book selling, your script must be visually appealing. In the competitive world of book selling, a sharp and professional script design is essential. Our skilled designers are familiar with your script and will produce the perfect design for you.

This is the most important right, which is entirely in your name and insures no conceivable replication. If your tale is chosen for a major motion picture, you will not be compelled to share any income or credit with anyone. Copyright provides you the authority over your narrative, which means no one may use it without your consent. It safeguards against infringement and assures that you are the sole beneficiary of your work.

We understand what it takes to write a book and what the author is entitled to. BlueRoseONE Publishers is pleased to be able to offer our self-published authors a profit of 100% on all sales. BlueRose Publishing has developed a reputation as one of the greatest book publishers in the UK, paying highly for high-quality manuscripts and delivering high-quality printed volumes on schedule.

Our Experts are committed to publishing your book with the utmost attention and professionalism. We follow our promises and do everything we can to keep you updated on the status of the project. You will be kept up to date on the progress of your book at all times, so you can relax knowing it is in good hands.

We recognise the importance of competitive pricing, so we allow you to use our royalty calculator to establish the price for your own book. You have the last say in determining your best-seller.

Without a doubt, editing is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of book publishing. BlueRose Publishers arranges highly professional editors for your book to ensure that the content is faultless. As a result, we ensure that your information is error-free and that it reaches the viewers in a timely manner.

We believe that you should be able to completely control your book. BlueRose Publishers offers the market’s sole Author-Publisher contract, which keeps your rights in-house and allows you ultimate control over your content. You can also have extraordinary piece of mind knowing that our team will assist you in maintaining control over your self-published book throughout its life cycle.

self publish your book in the UK and sell it globally

Assistance for every step of your Self-Publishing journey

As we have said before that we are an author-centric self-publishing company in UK, it is our duty to assist you in each and every step even after your book is out for the readers to read.  There are 4 major steps till your book is finally out for the world to see: 
1. Book Designing i.e Formatting       2.Printing      3. Distribution      4.Book Marketing

book designing services with leading free book publishing platform in India

BlueRoseONE offers book design and editing services. The first step is editing, where the author can select between copyediting and substantive editing based on the needs of the text. We also offer proofreading services to ensure that the manuscript is ready to be formatted.

Book design encompasses both cover design and formatting. While the book is being edited, the cover designer will work on your book cover. After editing, the typographer will format your work to the chosen book size, font, spacing, font size, and graphics.

Get book printing service from best self-publishing platform in India

BlueRoseONE offers the highest print quality. We present you with more professional-looking books since our history in publishing allows us to understand how print looks on paper. Being the best self-publishing company we have the knowledge and expertise to build a book specifically for you.

There are several page types to choose from, including colourful and black-and-white options. The author can also choose whether the pages should be glossy or matte, depending on what best suits their work. There are options for the type of pages you want, ranging from black and white to coloured pages.

Get global book distribution service with BlueRose Publishers

BlueRoseONE.com provides direct sales as well as distribution options to help you reach a wider audience. With our direct sales service, our professional team offers your book on Amazon, Flipkart, and BookTopia while providing writers with much-needed customer care.

Our distribution services also give an effective way to reach an even larger audience who may be unable to purchase directly through these websites owing to regional constraints or personal reasons, but who nevertheless want to read your masterpiece.

Self Publish your book for free and get book marketing service with BlueRoseONE.com

BlueRoseONE ensures that your book realises its greatest potential by connecting it with the proper audience. Our social media team promotes your book on all social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, while also running ad campaigns. The author would be updated on any progress made in advertising the book to your target audiences on a regular basis.

We also create a special Goodreads page for your book, where additional people may review and quickly access it, assisting in the development of an even larger web presence for your work.

Distribute Your Book and Sell it Globally

BlueRoseONE is a self-publishing company in UK that provides skilled advisers to assist you distribute your self-published book globally. We take care of your book manufacturing and global distribution, which simplifies the entire procedure. Simply compose your book, upload it to our DIY Platform, select your pricing and distribution options, and we will deliver printed copies on time. With BlueRoseONE Publication, you can easily publish your own book in London and then distribute it globally. We provide the best book distribution service for all of your paperbacks and eBooks. We will assist you in distributing your book through national and global listings on BlueRose Stores, Flipkart, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon so that readers all over the world can buy and read it.


Check our reviews why we are the Best Publishers For First Time Self-Published Authors.

How much does it cost to self-publish a book in UK?

Congrats on finishing your manuscript! Book publishing in UK is a time-consuming and complicated procedure, and we at BlueRose Publishers want to make it as simple as possible for authors. As a self-publishing comapany, we invest our services according on the author’s needs and budget, which means the author pays for the services that we provide. These services are grouped into five packages, to which the author can add/delete services based on the needs of their book. Our packages range in price from Rs. 32,990/ $399 (Basic Package) to Rs. 1,94,990/ $2,349 (Premium Plus Package), and we publish books in regional and international languages as well.

Who owns the rights to my book?

Pouring your emotions or thoughts onto a piece of paper isn’t a cake walk. It is your brain child. And thus, the rights to your content solely stays with you. To make it simple, the rights to your book belongs to you as an author.

How do I set the selling price for my Book?

The production costs of a book impact its selling price. The Calculate Author Earnings feature on the BlueRoseONE website may assist you in determining the cost of creating your book based on the number of pages, book format, book size, and book category. You may use this to calculate the retail price of your book as well as the profit you’ll make on each copy sold.

Will BlueRose assist me with the post-publication support?

BlueRose Publishers strives to ensure that all of our authors are entirely delighted with their experience with us. All of your post-publication questions will be answered by our Author Support Team via email or phone. We, at BlueRose, publish your book for free and  will assist you in each and every step of your self-publishing process.

How to get ISBN number for my book?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numerical code that identifies a book. It’s a 13-digit identification number used by bookstores and libraries to identify books, periodicals, newspapers, and other publications. BlueRose offers book publishing with ISBN for your book in India. Your book’s paperback, hardbound, and eBook editions each have their own ISBN.

Can I track how many book i've sold?

You certainly can! Knowing that your efforts are swiftly selling out in the market is the most satisfying thing for an aspiring writer. The thrill of having sold out stock on e-commerce sites or physical copies is unrivalled. That’s when our private author dashboard comes in handy for tracking sales. Because our self-publishing platform is simple to use, you can quickly track your sales on our Author Dashboard.

What's the process to publish a poetry collection or poetry book in UK?

Poetry Books never seem to run out of style. With the inception of anthologies and newly inspired formatting styles with sketching and watermarks, Poetry Books are easily making their way to people’s bookshelves and hearts.
If you’re someone who writes poetry, wanting to reach out to as many poetry lovers as possible, compile your poems, or work on an anthology with fellow poets who understand your cause, and approach the Publishing House who understands your idea. With anthologies like Maples, Flavors of Instagram I, II and III, Ishqedaariyan, The Pinned Hearts, BlueRose Publishers has often catered to a collective passion of many writers at once. Also, collection of Poems like Handful of Sunshine, Pocketful of Rain, The Naked Mystery, Savory of Poems, The Collection of Poems, Lily and The Spring, are among the list of BlueRose best sellers.

Can I self-publish my book in foreign languages

With the advent of the English language and globalisation, more writers and readers are gravitating towards English books, which is contributing to the decline of foreign languages. We at BlueRose Publishers work hard to promote other languages among our readers, with more than half of our total number of books produced each month in or revolving around foreign languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and others in a variety of genres.

How is the book royalty calculated?

Receiving royalty for your work is a very proud moment as a writer. Royalty is dependent on couple of factors, production cost being one of them. With us you can easily calculate your royalty on our website’s calculator.

Why should I pay to publish my book?

Writing is a difficult path. We understand the emotional roller coaster you ride for the same. However, refining has a cost. As a Book Publishing Company in the UK, we purify your raw work and present it to the audience ahead. As a result, the services provided under the banner are reasonably priced. Continue writing, and Happy Publishing!

What writers say about us?

BlueRoseONE.com is rated most user-friendly book publishing platform in UK. Now self publish your book with #1 self-publishing company in India, UK, New York and go global with us.

" I am very happy and feel so accomplished that my book is published! I surely could not have completed this without BlueRose's constant assistance at every step of the way. All of the people that assisted me were very professional, and always followed up throughout the process. Publishing with them has been a truly relaxing experience that made the tedious process so smooth and simple. "

Devika Das Author, Reminiscence

" I am glad I lucked into BlueRose for the publication of my book. The entire team is friendly and understanding, and their contract keeps me free of all the worries. They certainly are the best. "

Rasmi Trivedi Author, from Ashes to dreams

"Bluerose it's a great platform for writers who's looking for self-publishing company. They have experienced and professional team, their ideas and creativity styling of book is amazing. Bluerose has made writer dreams come true."

Kavita Sain Self-Published Author

" I have been writing for so long, and have published my previous titles with so many different publishers, but none match the quality of work at BlueRose. Their professional approach on editing and the rest of the design parts is the reason I am getting international recognition. "

R.K. Mohapatra Author, Retirement Planning

One of the best self-published authors I found was Shubham Shukla, the way he was interacting with me made my passion for writing build again that too with confidence and positivity. I was assisted through the publishing process by BlueRose. All of my interactions with them were quite nice and beneficial. After a second attempt, they created a book cover that was spot on. Now I'm proudly a Self-Published Author

Manan Sahni Self-Published author

"I started to write short stories for the first time during lock down. My sons liked them very much and decided to publish them, During a casual search for publishers, we came across BlueRose by far best book publishers in india and I decided to give it a try. It proved to be a right decision and the publishers did a fantastic job. My manager was always available to guide me regarding the intricacies, and the cover design they made, was very good. It was a very pleasant association and I would advice any fresh writer to try the BlueRose for book publication. Finally, a big THANK YOU, for everything."

Debesh Roy Self-Published author

"Bluerose is a great self-publishing company in India". A writer can trust this book publication house to edit, design and deliver the book. They have an experienced team who coordinates regularly with the writer. They are professional and a fine team to work with!"

Heena Roy Self-Published author

"Best Book Publishing House in India. Great place for young writers. Very professional self-publishing house with an amazing team. They welcome all genres of writers. Writers get the chance to express in their desired ways. Very welcoming and warm approach towards young aspiring writers."

Aparna Goel Self-Published author

"Back in March of this year I signed an agreement with BlueRose Publishers to publish my first book. While my tale is not quite ready for release, I have found the people I have dealt with thus far, to be extremely helpful at all time. I have every confidence that they have my back when it comes to getting my book produced to a high standard and subsequently promoted to the public at large. It is my hope that our relationship continues with future instalments."

Adarsh Vaibhav Self-Published author

"Really happy to receive great support from BlueRose Publishing house team no doubt the #1 Book Publishing Platform in India, they have best professional approach, the quality of the cover page, papers used is fabulous, the cover design which is done by Arif is really wonderful., post publishing support is also fantastic. Wonderful design of the cover page of my story book is designed by Mr. Arif. My story book ' Tensa The Real adventures and romance of the great warrior has been launched by the world famous Legend, Sri Adoor Gopalakrishnan, is an Indian film director, script writer, and producer. and is regarded as one of the most notable filmmakers."

Jayadeep Kumar Self-Published author

"Bluerose Publishers is without doubt best self-publishing platform and an amazing publishing house in India. Not only are they professionally accomplished but also forbearing and tolerant. I'm grateful to have come across Bluerose Publishers with whose help I was able to publish my first book. Their expertise in the field and their approachability are unmatched. Please go for this publishing house if you are looking to publish your work."

Eunica soba Self-Published author

"The book reading session was an amazing event held at Readers cafe, Noida. One of the coolest authors I found was Rashmi Trivedi, the way she was interacting made my passion for writing build again that too with confidence."

Tarun Sharma Self-Published author

"I have had a really great experience with BlueRose Publishers. They are highly professional in their work. Best part is the transparency they provide. You are informed about all the procedure you have to follow. Company’s & Client’s scope of work. Great work."

Zeshan Toufiq Self-Published author

"I got my book "Everything I could see" published from BlueRose Publishers and my experience was amazing beyond words. The people - my publishing manager Charvi mam, formatting and cover page design team - Sanya mam and tanya mam,everyone was so friendly and supportive. They helped me with the book at every step. They were always responding my queries. I highly recommend BlueRose Publishers as they are the best publishing house in India and made publishing process so smooth."

Harshit Gautam Self-Published author

"There are many in the publishing business, but serving exactly the way as the author needs it in the right quality and delivering on-time as per planned schedule is a very rare service and Wordsbrew team definitely excels in it. I have had the most wonderful experience working along this team while publishing my book recently. As an author, I trust the very professional Wordsbrew team for comfortable working, ease of communicating, transparency and high efficiency to take care of my book and publishing it in the right form, just the way I need it."

Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar Self-Published Author

"If you are looking for someone who can publish in best quality and for cheapest of rate, trust me you can't find something better then BLUEROSE. Choosing them is a decision I am proud of, one of my best decision. Trust me, you will no way regret about choosing them. The best staff and the best service. They are the best in what they're doing. Pics of my book published with bluerose publishers is given below."

Abhinav Shukla Self-published Author

"Recently I have published my book "The Mirage Of Mind" with Bluerose Publishers who self-publish your book. They are very courteous, efficient, helpful and eager to help you publish your book as flawlessly as they can. I am truly satisfied with my book and it's cover, which was beautifully designed by Sanya. Thank you to the whole Bluerose Publishers Team for making my dream come true."

Anushka Das Self-Published Author

"My experience of getting my book printed through bluerose was great. Initially I was skeptical because my first two books were traditionally published but my co-author had committed to self-publishing this one. They were able to address all my concerns with patience and maturity and my book has come out to be exactly how I had expected. I am yet to see their similar performance in the marketing initiatives of my book which I have included in my contract but I am sure since they care about their clients, every step they will do their best. BlueRose Publishers are publishers who self-publish your book in India with the most easiest way."

Minal Arora Self-Published Author

"Since September 2019 I've been writing books on various topics. While writing my books & getting them published through the BlueRose Publishers Pvt.Ltd, I've experienced an immense help & support from their entire team. I wish them all the success in future."

Sanjiv Mukherjee Self-Published Author

"I have published two books with them and the experience has been good. Their packages are reasonable compared to other self-publishing houses. They have addressed my concerns timely. I have recommended them to few of my friends too. Thank you for supporting my journey as an author."

Author Devika Self-Published Author

"This was my first ever experience working with BlueRose Publication. I am very happy working with the entire team. Recently I got my book cover designed by Mr. Deepak Lal and I must say he did an exceptional quality work. Everyone in my circle loved the cover design. I whole heartedly appreciated his creativity and talent."

Pooja Atul Kumar Self-Published Author

"My first book was published a few days ago and it was through BlueRose and with no dobt i can say that they are the best book publishers in india if you are looking to publish your book then bluerose should be your only choice. In my journey with them, since the beginning, never I had to doubt their commitment. They were simply superb and prompt in meeting every task on time. Never did I get the necessity to follow up with them. They were always well ahead of time at every stage."

SVK Chaitanya Designation

"I am 64 plus from Pune and take this opportunity to thank the entire team of BlueRose Publishers, Delhi i.e. Shirley, Samar, Shruti and Mr. Syed Arshad in extending their co-operation and support in getting my maiden book REFLECTIONS OF LIFE, an anthology of 100 poems in English. Many thanks to all of them and God bless them. I earnestly request all my well wishers and patrons/readers to read my book and give me the pleasure of putting in years of hard work and dedication in making my dream come true of my book seeing the light of the day. BlueRose Publishers are the best publishers who self publish your book for in India"

Raneshnath Tagore Self-Published Author

"I have just got my book published from Bluerose Publishers. Mine was a great experience. The team is cooperating and understanding. And being my first project I didn’t know much about publishing process, but they were extremely helpful and explained me all the things thoroughly. I highly recommend this publishing house for debut writers. Also if you're looking to publish your book in India then bluerose publishers is the best choice that you can make."

Deeksha Narang Self-Published Author

"I have had a really nice experience working with BlueRose Publishers. Very cooperative, very coordinating, plus professional. Best part is their transparency in work. Also, one the best publication house as it comes under top five self-publication platform in India."

Jaydev Gosh Self-Published Author

"Best Self-Publishing House in India. Great place for young writers. Very professional self- publishing house with an amazing team. They welcome all genres of writers. Writers get the chance to express in their desired ways. Very welcoming and warm approach towards young aspiring writers."

Kashish Malhotra Self-published author

"I especially appreciate BlueRose publication and their staffs' work. They are really cooperative, helpful and guide at right direction. Some ebbs and flows is common in the journey which should be ignored. My warm welcome and thanks to Mr Aditya, Shreya Ji, Kaira Kapoor, Sarika and all those who helped me to stand at this stage. If you're looking to self publish your book in India then bluerose publishers should be your choice Regards."

Sahesh Kumar Self-Published Author

"I chose bluerose publications to publish my debut book. Honestly I am so impressed with their professional approach and quick responses clarifying every doubts of a beginner like me. I would like to thank the whole team sincerely for making a dream come true. Without a doubt BlueRose publishers are the best publication house in Delhi Thankyou"

Minha Fatima Self-Published Author

"Recently I published my 5th Book with BlueRose and my overall experience was good. If you're looking to self-publishing a book in india then bluerose is the most economical option for you."

Brijesh Rana Self-Published Author

"Team Bluerose publishers are a very cooperative team and always ready to respond our queries as soon as possible. My book got published with Bluerose publishers and I am very happy with their help. Grateful and thankful to you all. In my view they are the best publishers for first time authors."

Prayesh Choudhary Self-Published Author

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