How to self-publish a book for free?

Self-Publishing a Book: Things you need to know

If you’ve been thinking about self-publishing a book, but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Though self-publishing has been around for a while, it is still very confusing for first-time authors. 

To make you understand all the aspects of self-publishing, we’ll begin with, its meaning.

What’s Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing is the act of publishing a book without the involvement of a traditional publisher. Here the author writes and handles the book on his own all the way from the cover art, the price, distribution channels, etc. With a growing number of self-published success stories emerging each year, interest in self-publishing is higher than ever. Do you know self-publishing has many benefits over traditional publishing?

Let’s discuss the Benefits of Self-Publishing:

1. No middlemen -

It eliminates the role of a literary agent as you are your own publisher. So, you can handle all your publishing & editing by yourself.

2. Full Control –

Having full control over your book not only gives it a longer period of time to find its audience, but it also helps your book to market faster than it would via traditional methods.

3. High Earning-

When you write, you don’t just write for the sake of writing; you also expect to be compensated for your efforts. Reserving all rights to the content and retaining full control over its marketing and advertisement allows you to earn higher margins/profits.


With the advancement in technology, self-published books also look like traditionally published books on a bookshelf. Self-Published books are nowhere less than traditionally published books.

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Here’s a comprehensive list of steps to self-publishing a book for free:

Step-1: Write the book

The first, and most obvious, step is to write a book. If you have already finished the one, congratulate yourself as you have moved one step forward to your dream of becoming a writer. Now is the time to share it with the rest of the world!

Step-2: Edit the script

Editing is a broad term that encompasses a variety of editing techniques, each of which serves a distinct purpose. Before submitting your work to a professional, self-edit as much as possible. Ways to edit your book- – If you are a first-time writer, self-editing will undoubtedly help you in becoming a better writer. A writer should go through at least two rounds of self-editing on their entire book. – Beta readers are either hired professionals or close friends or family members, who volunteer to do a read-through of your book and give feedback. – A professional editor can assist you in editing your work on various levels depending on their area of expertise. Your book might need copy editing, developmental editing, or both. Your manuscript has now been edited, polished, and proofread. It is now time to ensure that your book looks as good as it reads.
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Step-3: Design the book

The first word that comes to mind whenever we think of a book is its cover design. Your book cover design is the first impression readers have of your book. Classic covers are not just visually appealing, but also encompass the author’s vision for the book. 

Being unique is important, but also paying attention to what similar covers look like in your genre is crucial. You can look for books similar to your genre at your local book store. This will provide you with a taste of the font size, colors, and trim size of the books.

Since sales heavily rely on a book cover, therefore it needs to be really professional.

Once the exteriors have been completed, the next thing is to design the interiors. Interiors are equally important in capturing the reader’s attention. Professional formatting and sketches increases the reader’s satisfaction and enhances the customer experience.

Step-4: Publishing

Publishing a book was extremely difficult prior to the introduction of self-publishing platforms. Self-Publishing platform is a boom in the publishing industry. With its introduction, things have become way easier than before.

There are many self-publishing companies to choose from – but BlueRoseONE excels in all of them.


BlueRose Publishers has introduced a free book publishing platform – BlueRoseONE. A Platform that assists you from writing your first draft to getting it published globally. You can now write, edit, design a book and publish it for free. All your publishing needs are catered on one platform. 

With BlueRoseONE authors can publish a book for FREE and make it stand out in bookstores, libraries, and online. It’s extremely helpful for first-time authors Once the publication phase is over, there sets in the most difficult and painful part of the process:

The most difficult and painful part of the process:

Distribution– BlueRoseOne will assist you in reaching your end-user, regardless of their location. They’ll help your readers find you in more places, from publishing to the bookstore, through their global distribution network. As a result, you will be able to enter the global market which craves Indian content.

Publish locally and sell globally!

However, if you want to explore your options, carry on reading…

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Step-5: Marketing

While you were busy writing, editing & designing a book, did you skip to plan your marketing strategy? Apart from writing a great book, it’s highly advisable to start thinking about its marketing during the writing process only. As it takes a long time to build an author platform. Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies for Your Book – Social Media: Social Media has become a game-changer in terms of reaching out to readers all over the world and increasing the popularity of their work. Use all social media platforms to the fullest. Author Website: It’s important to have your own website, whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s booksmagazine articles, etc. Internet is the first place your audience will look to learn more about you. An author’s website can be a powerful tool for promoting oneself, it increases the overall sales of a book by 30% also you can sell your book on your website and can keep 100% commission for that. With BlueRoseONE authors can publish a book for FREE in different languages and make it stand out in bookstores, libraries, and e-comm stores. It’s extremely helpful for first-time authors. If you’re an experienced author and you know how to do editing and designing so you can try out the BlueRoseONE DIY platform where the author can create his own cover design by using in-built templates and also can do editing as per the needs. There are numerous online communities and groups for readers and authors.  Join these groups and begin posting on these groups. GoodReads: Millions and millions of readers in one place. Make friends, write blogs, start discussions, and DO NOT forget to run Giveaways. Video Trailer: Shine with a quick video and reveal just enough to trigger the curiosity. Author Events: Events are a great way to connect with readers in your community, whether it’s your book launch party or an author reading. E-Mail Marketing: In the world of digital marketing, email marketing refers to the highly effective strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Marketing can be fun if done correctly.

Step-6: Launch Party

A book launch is a unique way to market, sell, and promote your book to a large audience. Look through your email lists, Facebook friends, and social circles for potential invitees. A book launch may help you sell your book, even to strangers.

To have the best chance of succeeding on Amazon and other platforms, your title should generate a healthy amount of book sales and reviews as soon as it is released.

Step-7: Join Communities

Came here with something you’d dig, wanted to pass it on to you. Only being active in online communities is not enough to look for like-minded people who can help you succeed. Share your work with them and ask for their feedback. This will help you grow exponentially. Initially, the author has to bear the cost of publishing, but later, an author of a self-published book may enjoy up to 70% of royalty. Being a writer and publishing a book are two of the most rewarding things in life. We have seen many curious authors who want to know the cost of self-publishing a book. The cost of self-publishing a book widely depends upon the genre, budget, length, and your goals. The most likely areas where you will spend your money to become a successful author are: Editing – Designing – Formatting – Marketing Of course, if you only aim to market your book, you can skip hiring a pro, but if you’d actually like your book to sell, you’ll need to hire one. Book Editing Cost: The cost is determined by the services you choose. You can choose from different types of professional editing services the one that suits you.

Deciding factors:

– Manuscript Quality: Based on the amount of work required to give a manuscript a professional look. – Genre: Editing costs are affected by the genre and length of your book. Historical fiction and non-fiction, for example, have the highest editing costs because they frequently require fact-checking. Typically, fees are charged per word or per 100 words. – Proficiency: An experienced editor may charge higher than a fresher, with less experience.
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How much does a book editor charge for editing?

Common Editorial Rates:

Basic Editing– $25 to $40 per hour (estimated pace: 5 to 10 pages an hour). Developmental Editing– $40 to $80 per hour (estimated pace: 2 to 5 pages per hour). Substantive Editing– $40 to $60 per hour (estimated pace: 1 to 6 pages per hour). It’s more or less like heavy editing. Proofreading– $30 to $40 per hour (estimated pace: 5 to 10 pages per hour). Prior to hiring an editor, do some research. If you are motivated by hearing about how other authors grow. Reach out to BlueRoseOne today, start the publication of your book and become a Self-Published Author. Feel free to leave a comment below.
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