How should you design your book interior?

The interior design of any book is a tricky business. It’s all a play of the right fonts, styles, and numbers. It is hard to imagine that small details like these can affect your writing this way.

It definitely is hard to pick up the right stuff from the myriad of things available online these days but it’s not impossible.

This quick guide will help you find your way to being a professional in designing your book interior.

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What is the interior layout of a book and interior formatting?

The most vital part of any book is the interior layout of the book, also called “typesetting.” It includes making decisions related to fonts, spacing, the styling of chapter headings, margins, etc.

All these drastically will change the way your book looks in the end. Starting with the size of the book, opt for a 5*8 size for paperbacks in the romance or non-fiction genre. It does not make sense to make a romance book hardbound and hefty to carry.

Fiction can be included in hardbound and hidden under exquisite covers.

Next comes the font and font size. There are a plethora of fonts to choose from and each of them has its own uniqueness however it is always better to go through the tried and tested methods. Fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, and Bookman fonts are popular for these reasons.

It is tempting to go for a bigger font in order to increase visibility but it is advised to stick to the typical 11 or 12-size font. The margins make a significant difference in your book.

If the margin is too close to the edges, the words might get lost in the binding, which is also called gutter margin, or get cut up in the trim or the reader might have trouble holding the pages while reading the book.

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The top margins should have the space to hold the author’s name and the title and the bottom margin holds the page numbers. The margins should have uniformity, however, the inside margin is slightly bigger than the rest.

Page breaks are also equally important to make the book aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the reader and to make it visually attractive.

A small page break can break the intensity of your writing and disrupt the flow of the scene.
If all this is a bit overwhelming for you then go to our BlueRoseONE website and chose the DIY option which lets you self-publish your book. 

You are the sole decider of how you want your book to look. To make the process even more convenient, choose our templates for interior designing which makes the entire process breezy.

How do you make a book visually appealing?

All the above factors significantly contribute to making your book visually appealing. If anything is out of the norm it strikes as odd. It would be a gamble on the success of your book.

In order to show your uniqueness, you can experiment with the font of the chapter headings. You can include a small symbol or graphic image on each page which could become a trademark symbol for you.

If your book falls under a specific genre you can also include illustrations in the book which will make your reader more interested in the story and give them better images to imagine the story they are reading.

How much does book formatting cost?

Formatting is done accurately only by professionals and if you want your book to come out looking like the best version of your work then money becomes a factor. You can opt for freelancers who specialize in book formatting or you can do it yourself by learning the basics from this video on our YouTube page. 

Learn how to format a book | Upload a formatted file on BlueRoseOne to publish.

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Through Blue Rose ONE you can opt for formatting as an add-on to your package and forget worrying about your book.
To sum it up, the interior design and formatting of your book are important components of any book publishing journey.

Focus on the tiny details and you’ll have the perfect edition of your book in your hands.

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