Book Cover Design: How to beautify your book cover design

In a world where we are manifesting that don’t judge a book by its cover, however, book cover design do provide valuable information to potential readers about what they might find inside.

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Books with appealing covers are more likely to be purchased from bookstore shelves or clicked on when browsing online. That’s the first thing a reader does before buying a book. For readers, book shopping is extremely important, an alluring and enigmatic book cover is what catches their eyes.

So, how should you create a book cover design that can be bestseller?

  1. Cover Inspiration
    Gathering inspiration is quite easy task compared to actually making it. Understand the theme of your story, what vibe do you want to portray, what is the approach you wish to take – mysterious or straight forward, do you want abstractness or accurateness; questions like these will help you understand the need and what exactly should you choose.
  2. Create a Mood Board
    Search through websites to collect aesthetics, colours inspirations, and visual inspiration that will help you direct a clear path. Once you have collected enough, put it all together to get an idea of a base from where you will start the process of creating.
  3. Consider your genre
    When it comes to covers, different genres have different conventions. Look at competing books to get a sense of what the genre expects. If they all follow a certain convention, you’ll probably want your cover to follow that convention as well, so that readers of that genre can recognize it right away.
  4. Use elements as your players
    Try to create different patterns and designs to find a perfect element combination that matches your book aesthetics. Choose a single focal point for your cover. This could be a part of the image on the cover or the title of the book. Once you’ve determined your focal point, you can design the rest of the cover to emphasize it.
  5. Correct font and colour scheme
    Your visual elements maybe/could be awesome but nothing would work if your colour and font won’t compliment – everything should be in harmony with each other. Generally, avoid overly detailed displays and complex script typefaces. When looking for the perfect typeface, test it out at both large display sizes and small body sizes to see if it’s still readable at 12px or 14px sizes.
  6. Title is the main character
    Titles have already been mentioned, but it is critical that your title stand out on your cover. If someone is looking for a specific title and it isn’t immediately recognizable on the cover, they might skip over it. Titles can also provide important hints about the book’s content. Make sure your title is legible at both small and large sizes and stands out from the background graphics.
  7. Each part is important so don’t forget the spine
    While the front cover receives all of the attention, the spine and back cover are also important design elements. When a reader is browsing bookstore shelves, spines are especially important because most books are arranged on shelves with only the spine visible. You should also keep in mind that due to the way offset printers work, your front, back, and spine may not always align perfectly. By extending the basic background design around the entire cover, you avoid printing errors on the spine or back cover. This ensures that the overall appearance of your book cover is professional and consistent.

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how to create a book cover design - - publish your book for free

Steps before revealing a Book Cover:

Using book covers to market your work can be effective.

Authors might choose to disclose the cover of their book before it is released, which will heighten interest.  You can reveal your book cover on the website and social media platforms and the website which informs your prospective readers about your upcoming books.

BlueRoseONE provides a self-published DIY option, where you can design your own book cover with ready-made templates which make your writing journey easier. 

You can also opt for packages available on BlueRose Publishers website which will help you in advertising your book to the right masses.

In the end, the goal should be to make the cover appealing and should be able to speak to the reader.

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Through this, you can make your book cover stand out from the rest.

You can also reach out for professional help. There are many websites that help you hire freelancers who will make your cover designs according to you needs. It would require many brainstorming sessions to get the exact result that you need.

If you need assistance in your book cover making process, BlueRoseONE has a team of talented Designers and Illustrators who are happy to help you and give your dream cover.

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