7 easy steps to create a book selling author website.

As I have mentioned before, once you’re a self-published author you are no longer a writer – you are an authorpreneur. But there is one thing that an author should have – whether published or not – an AUTHOR WEBSITE.

Your website will be the platform where your readers will get to know you and your book along with your journey as a writer.

People nowadays have one way to get to know somebody they’ve never met and i.e. social media but your website is the only way they can know about the writer YOU.

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What benefits do you get by building your own author website?

Each type of website has its own motive and advantages. The same is the case with an author’s website. It can be a very advantageous method to grab people’s attention to your creative journey.

Mentioned below are a few benefits that would tell you what exactly an author’s website do:

  1. You create a platform to showcase your work.
  2. A world only for your readers and for yourself.
  3. Credibility to show your readers that you are 3C – Creative, Cool, and Classy.

Platforms where you can create your website easily –

Internet has provided us, authors, an easy and pocket-friendly way to create our own personalized author’s website.

List of the free platforms where you can build your own author websites are mentioned below:

  1. WordPress 
  2. Wix
  3. Tumblr
  4. SquareSpace 

and many more…

While making a free website is a much easier task – hiring a professional who understands the market and how it works as they make your website. They will make sure that your website stands out compared to others – it could be a bit pricy but the end results are worth it and more durable. 

There are many platforms where you can hire freelancers to make your website depending on your budget like upwork, fiverrello, etc… \

You can also contact BlueRoseONE to talk to our experience website developer who can help you in making a very engaging and attractive website.

When you enter these websites and register yourself, they take you through a series of steps that help you design and customize your author’s website.

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list of free platforms where you can build your own author websites blueroseone.com-Publish your own book for free and get author website services

There are a few basic steps that you would be able to find on any web-creating website that you can put before building your author’s website –

  • Register yourself.
  • Tell them about yourself.
  • Choose a theme/template.
  • Follow an aesthetic or go crazy with colours.
  • Put in descriptions and book mockups.
  • Interact with people who are supporting you.
  • Change small things in your author’s website with time.

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When you create your website – it becomes a book-selling platform but it is about you.

Selling books on your website could make you earn profits like:

  1. Instead of going through a chain of distribution and retail intermediaries, each of whom takes a share of the sale profit, you bypass the middlemen and net the whole profit on the book, minus a modest transactional charge.
  2. By running your own transactional website, you may eliminate payment delays as well as middlemen expenses. Royalties can take months, if not years, to come if you publish through a rights buyer, such as a traditional publisher.
  3. Direct selling provides the greatest level of independence and flexibility.

The amazing thing about selling direct is that you are only limited by your own imagination, the quality of your offers, and your ability to attract customers in terms of how you publish, advertise, promote on social media and sell your books.


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