What are the good ways to write a book?

Want to write a book? But what to write? To be honest, there is no way to start writing. It just happens. Ideas are like dark clouds on a sunny day – they come to you when you need solace.

But sometimes, the ideas come in one-liners and a story can’t be done in just a few words.

There are a lot of ways one person can try to get some inspiration when feels lost.

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So here are a few tips for you to get some kick start for ideas:


I mean it sounds cliché but trust me, it works like magic. Just take your small notepad, music in your ears, and open your mind. Let your mind live and observe what it wants to. Once you step out, you’re peaceful, your mind is free therefore it can think more than it usually does. Whatever pops in your mind, note it down for later.


Writing often drains a lot of ideas from your mind. You can read books that are in your genre so it would be easy for you to draw some inspiration. Plus it’s added entertainment.


Writers often lose ideas when they write. Sometimes it is because of the fear of people not liking what we have written. Writing a book on an online platform like WattpadBlueRoseONEWebNovel, etc can help you know and understand what your reader actually likes to read.


Writing a story altogether is a big task so start with your characters. How you want them, what will be their background, what type of life will they lead, and more. It will help you form an outline of the story as well.

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Remember that you are not limited by anything during the ideas stage. There’s no reason why your story can’t be set in the past, the future, an alternate universe, or a place that’s vastly different from reality. Your imagination is your oyster. You can even write from the perspective of an oyster if you wish.


Daniel Handler claims he obtains most of his ideas by seeing daily objects and thinking about them in new ways. “I’ll have an idea, observe something, or an event will affect me in a certain way,” he explains. I’ll instantly thread it along and consider where it could lead and where it could go. “I have an idea for a story.”

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Writing anything – whether a well-developed short tale or a full-length novel – may be immensely intimidating. An impenetrable wall of possibilities and barriers can appear in front of you, and questions like ‘Where do I start?’ or ‘How will I ever finish?’ can torment even the most confident writer. 

To reduce the fear element, keep in mind that even a few hundred words per day will mount up over time.

You’ll have a solid base upon which to build and develop, or tweak and improve, before you know it.

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