How should you market your first book? (Complete-guide)

An author writes their book hoping that it will reach the widest audience and their work will be appreciated but if the sales don’t achieve their goal then the confidence of the writer plummets. Book promotion is a tricky deal, it requires an apt amount of skills and strategies to hit its predicted mark.

How can I promote my book?

To achieve this the first step should be to choose your genre and audience wisely. It should be clear which genre your book falls in because the readers are peculiar in picking up their reads.

The website accompanies a profile of the author, which gives the readers a peek into the author’s life. Along with this, creating an author website with a store is extremely important from a sales perspective. Not only does this boost the sales but it also becomes convenient for the reader to access their entire book list. A website is beneficial as it becomes a stop shop for all the author’s works and has enough information to interest the reader. It can also link to social media platforms.

Through BlueRoseONE you can create your profile on our website which will help you advertise your book and reach a bigger audience. BlueRoseONE also advertises your book on Amazon and GoodReads where ratings carry a huge value to spike up the sales. BlueRoseONE also offers templates that will simplify the tedious process of self-publishing. We also have packages and run ad campaigns on our social media platforms which broadens the authors’ reach. 

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Before self-publishing your book, get it beta read by experienced beta readers, it can be beneficial in two ways.

First, they will provide you with constructive feedback along with an outsider’s perspective which points out flaws that get lost while writing.

Secondly, you can ask your beta readers to leave reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. They can also recommend the book to their friends which works as the best method of promotion.

How should you promote your book before it's published?

Lastly, launch your book. This event creates the hype your book deserves. Many readers seek out book launches in an attempt to get to know authors and fellow genre readers. This can be the perfect opportunity to market your book before it reaches the bookstores.

You can also plan giveaways where you send a few free copies of your book or the first book in the series. You could opt to reveal a few chapters on the website as well. This leaves the reader on a mysterious note and allures them to read the book to kill the suspense.


How did JK Rowling market her book?

To give an example of one of the most famous writers in the world, J K Rowling stands out because there is not one person who hasn’t heard about the Harry Potter series.

Rowling didn’t just write books, she created a brand out of Harry Potter. She pitched her book to the right editor who decided to take a gamble and signed a contract with her.

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Her method of promoting her novels was unique as she created a brand name that became popular and is now recognized in every household. After the massive success of her novels, the later novels were promoted through the traditional word of mouth method and then shifted to pre-orders which created suspense amongst the readers.
Promoting your masterpiece can be hard but it can be made easy with the right tools and resources. BlueRoseONE ensures your book receives the right amount of attention and the appropriate crowd which appreciates art.

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