How to self publish a Marathi book: Essential Guide

Thinking to self publish a Marathi book? Fun fact – while it is said that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages; Marathi doesn’t originate from the Sanskrit language. It has almost 42 dialects and is known to be one of the most expressive languages.

Mukund Raj in the 13th century was the first person to ever write Marathi poems making him the first Marathi poet.

And today we are here to tell you how you can self publish a Marathi book?

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How to publish your book in the Marathi language?

If you have your manuscript in Marathi then you’re good to go but if it is in English, you can get a translator to translate it into Marathi.

A lot of traditional publication houses try to stay in global or national languages so that everyone can read and enjoy. While Self-Publishing is way different – it allows you to explore the world of publication along with great deals. But choosing a good publishing house is tricky too.

So here are a few tips on how you can choose the best publishing house for you:

  • Make a list of publishing houses
    Find different types of self-publishing houses and send in a query so you can have a brief about what everyone offers and are pros and cons of each publishing house.
  • Research and Think
    Now as you’ve taken all the information – you have to compare what is the best for you among all the publishing houses. You need to decipher three options that are the most suitable for you. Always research yourself before going for a Publishing house.
  • Selecting the Best Package
    There are a few things you should bear in mind, one of which is selecting the correct package.

As you approach a Self-Publishing House, you will learn about the packages and services that they provide.

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Although they will undoubtedly assist you in creating the bundle, you should also be clear about what is best for your book. This will undoubtedly aid both you and the Self-Publishing company in determining the best services for your book.

The packages include services such as editing, cover design, paper quality selection, online and offline promotion, and other activities associated with book production. It is best to select a package that is best matched to what you believe is most needed for your book, bearing in mind your budget and the amount of time you are willing to do in the process.

After you’ve made your selection, you can relax while your Publisher keeps you updated on approvals at each stage.

Also here is the list of 5 books that are self-published by BlueRose Publisher:

sadetod bluerose marathi books. how to self publish a Marathi book

Sadetod by Bhai Deoghare
Self Published Marathi book by BlueRose Publishers

Sadetod by Bhai Deoghare

“Sadetod” Means “impartially To The Point”. Articles of the experiences of an author. Which are laid in front of readers as it is, impartial. Articles that give new dimensions to the thought process. The experiences make you think about our living standards, conditions, how people suffer while running the families. Articles that give wide-angle to the think tank. All the articles & experiences are unique that readers have never gone through before. I am very pleased to share my first book “Sadetod” – “सडेतोड” with love to you all. Please enjoy the reading of the book.

Te pakke premveer by Shivaram mahajan
Self Published Marathi book by BlueRose Publishers

Te Pakke Premveer by Shivaram Mahajan

Te Pakke Premveer” is the romantic story of Vijaya and Shiv’s true, selfless, genuine boundless love. Shiv and Vijaya fell in love at the first glance !! Their love develops step by step: self-introduction, then friendship, real faith in each other turns into genuine love.

Shiv and Vijaya neither belong to the same caste nor of the same financial status. This creates a lot of obstacles in their path of love. Without getting disturbed or discouraged they face all the challenges!

It’s very interesting to witness whether they succeeded to conquer all the hindrances in the journey of their love.

Love is not Lust. Love is Worship !! is the keyword of this novel. This novel is a wonderful piece of the imaginative mind of the writer. This book is a romantic love story that soothes the reader’s heart injuries! The book is a light social comedy that gives entertainment and messages simultaneously !!

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Vachpa by Narayan Kolhe
Self Published Marathi Book by BlueRose Publishers 

Vachpa by Narayan Kolhe

Vachpa (novel) is the life story of a military officer. There were many ups and downs in his life. There were some incidents in which he lost his loved one. This is the story of how his adopted children and grandsons took avenge.

Ashyach Eka Vatevar by Praveen Dilip Bhoir
Self Published Marathi Book by BlueRose Publishers

Ashyach Eka Vatevar by Praveen Dilip Bhoir

The book “Ashyach Eka Vaatevar” is a collection of poems written by Mr. Pravin Bhoir. These poems tell us about many things experienced by author on day to day basis. These poems have many shades of emotions — love at first sight, a wish to complete the journey of life with your beloved, one sided innocent love, sacrifices made in life/love, love of wife and love for wife, readiness of daughter to sacrifice her love for her father’s wish and some more. Without the company of friends a person is incomplete. From the long lost friends to the office colleagues, each one is important. Some poems from the collection like “Gappanchi beer”, “Ek diwas asahi”, “Chataka” brings out the best and experiences of the true friendship. The book in short gives us an overview about life and the many sweet, sour, salty experiences of it.
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Mahamanav Marathi books. how to self publish a marathi book

Mahamanav by dilip rohitdas shete
Self published Marathi book by BlueRose Publishers

Mahamanav by Dilip rohitdas shete

About book Maharana -the epidemic has plagued mankind in the 21st century, but it is not new to some. The twentieth century also saw the outbreak of typhoid in world Wars I and II, and the outbreak that killed scores of people. Dr. Eugene lazovsky, with his ingenuity, saved the lives of 8, 000 Jews from hitlars Nazi camps. It is the desirable duty of human beings to face all adversities and strive for human Welfare even in adverse circumstances and this is the purpose of the play.

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One important point to remember is that self-publishing allows the author complete control over the process of publishing their work. Have faith in your tale, choose your packages intelligently, and advertise your book through the appropriate channels with the assistance of your Self-publishing House, and your book will undoubtedly shine.

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