Famous Science Fiction Books to read in 2024

Hey there, fellow bookworms! There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a good science fiction book, if you’re anything like me. I reasoned that now would be the ideal moment to delve into some of the most highly anticipated science fiction books of the year, since 2024 would be filled with an abundance of intriguing new releases.

This collection includes titles for sci-fi enthusiasts as well as those who are just getting started in the field. So gather your preferred reading spot and join me as we explore the enormous world of science fiction literature!. Today we’ll go through famous science fiction books to read that everyone must read.

Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita,” a polarizing yet critically renowned book, explores the intricate themes of desire and manipulation. Despite not being science fiction, Nabokov’s inventive narrative tactics and skillful storytelling make it an engaging read for any lover of literature.

The protagonist’s troubled mental state is explored in depth throughout the book, providing readers with a compelling psychological experience similar to the speculative depth of science fiction.

“Lolita” stands out for its linguistic virtuosity and significant influence on contemporary writing, demonstrating Nabokov’s singular ability to turn a contentious subject into a literary masterpiece, for those making a list of must-read works.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Lolita

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Lolita

Dead Detective By Aastha Chaurasia

Aastha Chaurasia’s science fiction thriller “Dead Detective” is one of the best books to read this year. It is a compelling read. The protagonist of the narrative, Ashley Krom, suffers from anxiety and schizophrenia and becomes involved in her best friend’s murder inquiry.

Ashley is made to face the people she despises the most as the main suspect—her fiancé’s evil family and her own rigid parents. She is drawn into a convoluted web of deceit as her quest to find the killer unveils startling facts and unspoken threats.

Amidst the chaos, she unexpectedly develops a romantic relationship with her fiancé, which gives her some hope. The way in which Chaurasia skillfully combines psychological intrigue with suspense elevates “Dead Detective” above other works of modern science fiction.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Dead Detective

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Dead Detective

Curiously By Vinay Kothari

Curiously” by Vinay Kothari is a science fiction masterpiece that enthralls readers with ten creative short stories. Every story turns the ordinary into the extraordinary while examining the great importance of curiosity.

In “Liv’orno,” Lia is moved by a chic, unisex clothing, which sets up a moving conversation with a young Italian man. “@Cafe” portrays the story of Rekha, who succumbs to the fanciful illusions of a little girl.

Each tale provides a different window into human emotions, from the sensual feelings in “Touch…” to the generational bonds in “NePhew!” Kothari’s stories strike a deep chord, whether they center on a writer’s troubles on social media in “Vanity^” or a man’s delusions on a plane in “Hoodie$.”

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Curiously

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Curiously

Breaking the shells By Akosottu 

Akosottu’s “Breaking the Shells” is an engrossing science fiction work that should definitely be on your reading list. Set against a suspenseful backdrop of espionage, love, and complex family connections, the drama deftly weaves together the lives of Nakulan, a top spy, and Pavitra, who secretly works in the same profession.

When Nakulan fights cancer and vanishes abruptly, their seemingly peaceful life takes a sharp change, and Pavitra is forced to go on a desperate search to find out what happened to him while also defending their daughter Boo.

This book delves into profound issues of trust, selflessness, and resiliency, emphasizing the close relationship between domestic challenges and global events. “Breaking the Shells” honors the enduring strength of love and the unbreakable links of family via the challenges of misfortune and separation.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Breaking the Shells

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Breaking the Shells

The Prophecy By Sainaz Parveen 

Sainaz Parveen’s science fiction book “The Prophecy” is a must-read since it skillfully combines serene maritime scenery with a fantastical underwater realm. Readers are transported to the calm yet tumultuous Pacific by the vivid imagery, and complex personalities and surprising plot turns are revealed through the skillfully written exchanges between SAI, SAM, and other characters.

The reader is drawn in by the endearing banter between SAI and SAM as it develops into a passionate relationship, enhanced by enigmatic dream sequences and entwined fates.

The story is enhanced by rich symbolism relating to the sea, mermaids, vampires, and dreams. This leads readers on an engrossing trip where mystery, romance, and hidden identities are skillfully blended together.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - The Prophecy

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - The Prophecy

Skipping the Lines of Reality By Kousumi Chaudhari 

One of the best science fiction novels available is “Skipping the Lines of Reality” by Kousumi Chaudhuri. It will take you on an amazing adventure. This modern masterpiece deftly combines fictitious elements and cultural allusions with inventive twists to create a seamless whole.

Join the protagonist as she faces social expectations, overcomes setbacks with fortitude and self-discovery, and negotiates the complexity of life. This novel offers remarkable insights into the subtleties of joy and sadness, drawing from commonplace experiences that are generally disregarded.

Readers are attracted into a story full of development, friendship, and love with a wide range of emotions and surprising turns. In this moving examination of human existence, where hope and light endure even in the darkest moments, learn the wonder of everyday events and the beauty found in life’s complex tapestry.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Skipping the Lines of Reality

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Skipping the Lines of Reality

Tell me you want me By Madeeha Shah

The science fiction novel “Tell Me You Want Me” by Madeeha Shah is engrossing and ought to be on your reading list. Through the narrative of Serah, an innocent college student who develops a profound romantic attachment to Cooper, it examines the detrimental repercussions of love on all six senses.

This brief affair quickly turns out to be a story of deceit, resulting in Serah’s life being destroyed entirely in the name of love. Readers are transported on a captivating trip full of beauty, innocence, and an engrossing plot that keeps them interested until the very end as Serah, blinded by young love, navigates through her pain. 

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Tell me you want me

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Tell me you want me

Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

Though not strictly speaking a science fiction novel, Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” provides readers with a timeless story full of social commentary and nuanced character development. Within the confines of Regency-era England, Austen’s novel delves into issues of love, class, and human development set against the backdrop of the early 19th century.

Its examination of interpersonal interactions and social conventions cuts beyond genre lines, even though it does not have the futuristic technology or intergalactic adventures typically associated with science fiction.

“Pride and Prejudice” is still considered a classic piece of literature and is highly recommended for anyone who are interested in stories that explore the intricacies of human nature.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Pride and Prejudice

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Pride and Prejudice

A Little Life By Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara’s “A Little Life” is a compelling examination of perseverance, trauma, and friendship that enthralls readers of all genres. Though not conventionally classified as science fiction, the novel’s rich narrative and speculative aspects make it an appealing option for those looking for literature that provokes thought.

The plot, which is set in a futuristic world with elements of the present, centers on four college buddies as they negotiate the challenges of modern living in New York City.

“A Little Life” defies categorization with its complex character development and intense emotional content, providing readers with an incredibly touching experience that lasts long after the last page. It’s definitely a must-read for anyone looking for a compelling narrative with a dash of sci-fi appeal. 

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - A Little Life

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - A Little Life

Gone with the Wind By Margaret Mitchel

The timeless classic “Gone with the Wind,” written by Margaret Mitchell, is set against the backdrop of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era.

It is important to make clear that this book does not belong in the science fiction category, even with its continued popularity.

Instead, it is a vast historical epic that explores themes of survival, love, and grief during a turbulent time in American history. Even if “Gone with the Wind” might not appeal to science fiction enthusiasts, it’s still a must-read for readers who are drawn to intricately detailed stories and nuanced characters.

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Gone with the WInd

Famous Science Fiction Book to Read - Gone with the WInd


So, there you have it – a thorough guide to the best science fiction novels to read. Science fiction books are expected to release in a wide range of genres in 2024, covering topics ranging from societal upheaval to space exploration. There has never been a better moment to explore the fantastical worlds these gifted writers have created, regardless of whether you are an experienced science fiction fan or a novice to the field.

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