Top 10 Historical Fiction Books to Read in 2024

With its distinct charm, historical fiction immerses readers in many eras while fusing fact and fiction. Now is the ideal moment to start reading some of the most engrossing historical fiction books to read as we approach 2024. The top ten historical fiction titles for you to read this year are listed here.


Historical fiction is the genre for you if you enjoy tales that transport you to different eras and locations. Through the eyes of engrossing characters, these novels provide a beautiful blend of history and storytelling, giving you a front-row seat to important events and eras. These ten historical fiction novels are must-reads for 2024 that will enthrall your head and spirit.

All the Light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr

Anthony Doerr’s “All the Light We Cannot See” is a highly recommended historical fiction book to read. It is a captivating piece of writing.

The story, which is set against the backdrop of World War II, explores themes of survival, resiliency, and the human spirit amid the horrors of war by weaving together the lives of a blind French girl and a German soldier.

It is a fascinating and engrossing read because of its complex plot and deep character development. This historical fiction masterpiece, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, is a standout in the field and a must-read for readers of all stripes. This book is a standout in the genre of historical fiction and an essential addition to any list of books to read.

all the lights we cannot see - best historical book to read

All the Light we cannot see - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

Bloved by Toni Morrison

One of Toni Morrison’s most important historical fiction books, “Beloved,” is a must-read. It is a chilling tale of Sethe, an escaped slave who is accosted by her deceased daughter’s ghost and takes place after the American Civil War.

The book deftly blends historical details with mystical elements, portraying the horrific reality of slavery and delving into issues of trauma, memory, and redemption.

“Beloved” is a compelling story that transcends time thanks to Morrison’s evocative style and rich character development, solidly establishing it as one of the must-read historical fiction novels for a perceptive understanding of America’s past.

beloved - best historical book to read

Beloved - Popular Historical Fiction Book to read

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Fans of romance and time travel should not miss reading Diana Gabaldon’s engrossing historical fiction book “Outlander.” Set against the rich backdrop of Scotland in the eighteenth century, the novel is a remarkable fusion of historically accurate details and gripping narrative.

Readers follow the adventures of Claire Randall, a former nurse who travels inexplicably from 1945 to 1743, where she meets Jamie Fraser, a handsome Highland warrior.

“Outlander” is a must-read for anybody interested in historical fiction because of Gabaldon’s painstaking research and evocative descriptions, which bring the past to life. Its unique fusion of romance, history, and adventure makes for a truly captivating read.

outlander - best historical book to read

Outlander - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief” is a gripping work of historical fiction that should be on every reading list. The novel, which is set in Nazi Germany, centres on Liesel Meminger, a small child who, in the turbulent years of World War II, finds comfort in book theft and sharing.

This book, which is told from Death’s point of view, offers a distinctive viewpoint on the time by fusing words with grief, hope, and force. “The Book Thief” stands apart in the historical fiction category thanks to its rich, evocative storytelling and genuinely human characters. Readers looking for thought-provoking and emotionally charged novels to read will find it fascinating.

the book thief - best historical book to read

The Book Thief - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Amor Towles’s “A Gentleman in Moscow” is a compelling work of historical fiction that has rightfully earned a spot on the list of must-read novels.

The story, which takes place in post-revolutionary Russia, centres on Count Alexander Rostov, who receives a house detention sentence at the luxurious Metropol Hotel. Readers are presented with a complex tapestry of historical events and personal transformations via his captivity.

Towles distinguishes himself in the field of historical fiction by skillfully fusing a gripping story with historical detail. This book is a great choice for anyone looking for captivating reading material because it is a monument to perseverance and the enduring power of the human spirit. 

a gentleman in moscow - best historical book to read

A Gentleman in Moscow - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad” is a gripping work of historical fiction book to read that has grown to be a must-read for fans of the style.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning book gives the terrifying journey of Cora, an escaped slave, a strange twist by reimagining the historical Underground Railroad as an actual underground system of rails and tunnels.

Readers are given a profound investigation of America’s dark past through Whitehead’s excellent writing and rich historical context. “The Underground Railroad” is a noteworthy addition to any reading list because of its creative storyline and moving analysis of freedom and resiliency.

the underground railroad - best historical book to read

Outlander - Most Popular Historical Fiction Book to read

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Yaa Gyasi’s “Homegoing” is an engaging contribution to the historical fiction genre and ought to be on every reading list. This book follows the different journeys of two half-sisters and their offspring over three centuries, beginning in Ghana in the eighteenth century and concluding in contemporary America.

Gyasi explores issues of identity, heritage, and perseverance while eloquently illustrating the effects of the transatlantic slave trade on multiple generations through a sequence of interrelated stories. “Homegoing” is a historical fiction masterpiece that is rich in emotional depth and historical accuracy. It provides a meaningful and illuminating experience.

homegoing - best historical book to read

Homegoing - Popular Historical Fiction Book to read

My Dear Sensei by E. S. Kapoor

E. S. Kapoor’s “My Dear Sensei” is a historical fiction fan’s must-read. This engrossing book tells the stories of a variety of personalities against the backdrop of India following freedom. After being initially glad that India had lost the War of Independence, Simon learns that Mr. Rai, his first Indian instructor, is challenging his beliefs.

The narrative also introduces Ms. Mayuri, whose defiant attitude is as vivid as her rainbow-colored saree, and Pushpa Mahindra, a committed government school teacher who has struggled for seven years without receiving a paycheck.

Mr. Bose adds a sense of mystique by teaching animal sorcery. “My Dear Sensei” is one of the best books to read for an immersive historical experience because of its captivating story.

me dear sensei - best historical book to read

My Dear Sensei - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

Queen Abhayeshwari Devi by Hiranya Borah

The engrossing historical fiction book “Queen Abhayeshwari Devi” by Hiranya Borah takes readers to Lower Assam in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The story, which takes place between 1898 and 1902, centers on the charitable Queen of the Bijni Princely State founding Abhayapuri.

Despite having a lot of historical ambience, the work does not pretend to be factually accurate because most of the characters—including Banamali Das, the main character—are made up. This fascinating story gains a human touch from Banamali, a regular teenager who becomes the queen’s special adviser after rising from a laborer.

This book is a great option for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and works that combine intimate tales with epic historical tales. 

queen abhayeshwari devi - best historical book to read

Queen Abhayeshwari Devi - Best Historical Fiction Book to read

Embedded Systems Design with Internet of Things by Dr. Naveen Kumar

Dr. K. Naveen Kumar’s book, “Embedded Systems Design with Internet of Things,” offers an engrossing story that appeals to readers who enjoy historical fiction. Designed with B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D. students and industry researchers in mind, this book goes beyond traditional literature by combining creative ideas from various sources.

Every chapter delves into the complex web of developing technology, engineering patterns, and business strategies, and reads like a captivating novel.

It is a sophisticated yet approachable book that skillfully combines technical knowledge with gripping storytelling, making it a vital addition to any professional’s library in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and beyond.

Readers who explore its depths come away not only wiser but also equipped to effect radical change in the fields in which they work.

embedded systems design with internet of things

Embedded Systems Design with Internet of Things - Best Historical Fiction Book to read


Through the ability to transport readers to other times and places, historical fiction provides a special fusion of education and escape. The ten novels on the above list are some of the greatest in the category and will keep readers engrossed for many hours in 2024. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Historical fiction is a genre that combines historical facts with fictional elements. Authors use real events, settings, and sometimes historical figures, but weave them into a narrative that includes fictional characters and plotlines.
Historical fiction is popular because it offers a window into the past, allowing readers to experience different time periods and events through engaging stories and characters. It’s both educational and entertaining.
Yes, historical fiction can be highly educational. While it primarily aims to entertain, it often provides insights into historical events, cultures, and societies, making it a valuable learning tool.
Common themes in historical fiction include war, love, survival, family, and social change. These themes are explored within the context of different historical periods, providing depth and perspective.
Authors of historical fiction typically conduct extensive research, including reading historical documents, biographies, and academic texts. They may also visit historical sites and consult experts to ensure accuracy and authenticity in their storytelling.
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