Book Review – My Memoirs a Book by Duvvuru Venka Reddy

Book – My Memoirs
Author – Duvvuru Venka Reddy

Blurb – MY MEMOIRS: A Learning Guide to Perform for the Young Professional This is My Story“. This is my life story- How I grew, established and served my profession. “A memoir of a first-generation learner of humble beginnings. A down-to-earth village lad shared his memories. A practicing man’s experiences in work culture & career advancement in science outreach and in motivational learnings.” I shared my beliefs, traits, the concepts I value, ……. ‘The story of how I grew’ contained my village life, pastime activities of kids in rural areas (admitted candidly), …..; schooling, mother as the first teacher…… ‘My professional studies’ delineated the UG and PG studies of veterinary science, literature collection during ‘non-internet days,’ most memorable events of student life at veterinary college, Tirupati; doctorate studies at IVRI, Izatnagar….. ‘How I chose my job – self-analysis…. my teaching & research career in Andhra Pradesh and my learnings; my teaching & research experience in veterinary college, Puducherry ….”

Review –

Duvvuru Venka Reddy’s “My Memoirs” is a compelling journey through the life and career of a first-generation learner who rose from humble beginnings to become a seasoned professional. This autobiographical account offers readers a rare opportunity to delve into the personal and professional experiences of an individual who has dedicated his life to the fields of veterinary science, science outreach, and motivational learning.

The book is aptly subtitled “A Learning Guide to Perform for the Young Professional,” and it lives up to this promise by providing valuable insights, lessons, and anecdotes that can inspire and guide young professionals as they embark on their own journeys.

The narrative structure of “My Memoirs” is a chronological retelling of the author’s life, from his childhood in a rural village to his education and professional career. This approach allows readers to follow Reddy’s growth and evolution, making it a relatable and engaging read. His storytelling is straightforward, candid, and imbued with sincerity, which makes it easy for readers to connect with his experiences.

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One of the book’s most notable strengths is its ability to transport readers to the rural landscapes of India and provide a glimpse into the author’s early life. Reddy’s vivid descriptions of village life, the pass-time activities of children, and his own upbringing paint a nostalgic and heartwarming picture. It serves as a reminder of the values, simplicity, and beauty that can be found in rural life.

As the narrative progresses, Reddy delves into his educational journey, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he encountered during his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in veterinary science. His descriptions of the non-internet era and the extensive literature collection that was necessary are not only informative but also offer a unique perspective on how education has evolved over the years.

One of the most compelling sections of the book is the author’s recollection of his student life at the veterinary college in Tirupati and his doctoral studies at IVRI, Izatnagar. Reddy’s storytelling shines as he shares memorable events, friendships, and experiences that shaped his academic and personal growth. These anecdotes not only add depth to the narrative but also provide a glimpse into the author’s character and values.

Reddy’s self-analysis of how he chose his career path is a valuable segment that young professionals will find particularly insightful. He candidly shares his thought process, decision-making, and the factors that influenced his choices. This section serves as a guiding light for readers who may be at crossroads in their own careers, encouraging them to reflect on their passions and aspirations.

The author’s teaching and research career in Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry is presented with equal measures of humility and pride. Reddy’s dedication to his profession and his unwavering commitment to knowledge dissemination and research are evident throughout the narrative. His experiences in academia, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned along the way offer valuable takeaways for aspiring educators and researchers.

Throughout “My Memoirs,” Reddy’s writing exudes authenticity and a deep sense of purpose. His narrative is devoid of pretence, making it easy for readers to connect with his journey and the lessons he imparts. The book is not just a memoir; it’s a reservoir of wisdom and inspiration for the young and ambitious.

In addition to his professional experiences, Reddy shares his beliefs, values, and the concepts he holds dear. These insights into his philosophy of life and work add layers of depth to the narrative. He emphasises the importance of perseverance, self-reflection, and the pursuit of knowledge, values that resonate throughout the book.

As a memoir, “My Memoirs” successfully achieves its goal of being a learning guide for young professionals. Reddy’s life story is a testament to the transformative power of education, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of one’s goals. His book encourages readers to embrace their roots, overcome challenges, and strive for excellence.

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In conclusion, “My Memoirs” by Duvvuru Venka Reddy is a captivating autobiography that offers readers a glimpse into the life of a man who defied the odds and made a significant impact in the fields of veterinary science, science outreach, and motivational learning. Reddy’s storytelling is genuine and heartfelt, and his life lessons are both inspirational and practical. This book is not just a personal memoir; it is a timeless guide for those embarking on their own professional journeys, filled with wisdom, humility, and the enduring spirit of a true learner.

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