List of top 10 most Famous Self-Published Books in UK – 2024

Looking for best self-published books?  Here’s a list of best self-published books of all time. Self-publishing has become a popular option for writers who want to share their stories with the world, as the publishing industry has seen a change in recent years. Self-published books are becoming more popular in the UK, a nation rich in literary heritage, and are upending the power of established publishing corporations. Self-publishing has never been easier or more varied, with sites like Amazon book publishing and a plethora of self-publishing businesses providing easy access to readers.

When authors decide to self-publish their novels, they frequently find that they are in charge of every part of the process, from marketing and distribution to writing and editing. The number of self-published novels, non-fiction books, and other works has increased as a result of this creative freedom. Readers are thus exposed to an abundance of self-published novels that are on par with those issued by mainstream publishers, demonstrating the breadth of creativity and skill within the UK self-publishing scene.

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Here are 10 top famous self-published books in UK, which have achieved significant success:

  1. “Are You a Good Leader?” by Richard Ahenkorah
  2. “Writing the Shadow” by Joanna Penn
  3. “The Bell Tower” by R.J. Ellory
  4. “Twisted Lives” by Mel Sherratt
  5. “Fourteen Days” by  C.J. Lyons
  6. “Right Behind You” by Rachel Abbott
  7. “Silent Ruin” by David J. Gatward
  8. “A Midlife Gamble” by Cary J. Hansson
  9. “Greek Secret” by Francesca Catlow
  10. “My Brother’s Keeper” by M.L. Rose

Richard Ahenkorah’s “Are You a Good Leader?” offers an insightful examination of the traits and values of leadership. Using his personal experiences and knowledge, Ahenkorah provides a thorough manual for anyone hoping to lead successfully in any industry. The book explores important leadership topics, including teamwork, communication, and decision-making while offering helpful advice and techniques for both career and personal development. Because of Ahenkorah’s interesting and approachable writing style, it’s easy to comprehend and put complicated leadership ideas into practice. He provides examples and tales from real life to highlight the value of empathy, honesty, and vision in leadership. “Are You a Good Leader?” is a useful resource for anyone trying to improve their leadership skills, whether they are aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned leaders.

“Are You a Good Leader?” by Richard Ahenkorah, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

Joanna Penn’s self-published book “Writing the Shadow” examines the darker sides of human nature and how writers might successfully use them in their writing. Penn explores the “shadow self,” the subconscious and frequently suppressed facets of our personalities that shape our emotions, ideas, and behaviour. Penn demonstrates to authors how to access their shadow selves to produce more genuine and captivating characters and narratives through perceptive analysis and useful guidance. She also looks at treating touchy subjects and divisive issues with compassion and decency. “Writing the Shadow” provides useful tools and approaches for delving into the darker aspects of the human experience, making it an invaluable resource for self-publishing writers who want to add complexity and depth to their writing.

“Writing the Shadow” by Joanna Penn, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

R.J. Ellory’s eerie and atmospheric self-published book “The Bell Tower” tackles themes of loss, atonement, and the pursuit of meaning in a harsh and merciless world. The novel, which takes place in a small Georgian town, centres on John Harper, the protagonist—a man tormented by his history and trying to figure out who he is in the world. A labyrinth of secrets and deceit that threatens to ruin all John holds dear is revealed to him as a sequence of unexplained events takes place, including the discovery of a body in the town’s bell tower. John faces his demons as he explores the mystery further and must decide between seeking forgiveness and exacting revenge. The compelling and very moving self-published book “The Bell Tower” will keep readers captivated until the very end.

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“The Bell Tower” by R.J. Ellory, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

Mel Sherratt’s self-published crime book “Twisted Lives” explores the murky underbelly of a tiny community and is a gritty and captivating read. The narrative tracks the lives of multiple characters whose paths cross in unexpected and frequently hazardous ways. Every character in the story—from a disturbed adolescent seeking retribution to a detective plagued by his past—must face their demons as they make their way through a violent, treacherous, and lie-filled world. “Twisted Lives” examines the lengths people will go to protect themselves and those they love as suspense builds and secrets are revealed. Sherratt’s self-published book is an engrossing read that will have readers on the edge of their seats until the very end, thanks to its compelling plot and nuanced characters.

“Twisted Lives” by Mel Sherratt, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

Author C.J. Lyons’s riveting self-published medical thriller “Fourteen Days” transports readers to the high-stakes realm of organ donation. The narrative centres on transplant surgeon Dr. Lucas Madden, who finds himself in a moral bind after learning that a well-to-do patient has bypassed the transplant waiting list to obtain a new heart. Lucas discovers a network of dishonesty and corruption as he investigates the case further, one that could reveal the murky side of the medical sector. Lucas has to work quickly to find the truth and heal his patient before it’s too late, since time is of the essence and lives are at stake. The gripping and provocative self-published thriller “Fourteen Days” will keep readers interested.

Fourteen Days by C.J. Lyons - famous self-published book UK in 2024 - publish your book with blueroseone UK now

“Fourteen Days” by C.J. Lyons, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

The captivating psychological thriller “Right Behind You” by self-published author Rachel Abbott will have readers on the edge of their seats to the very end. The narrative centres on Ellie, a lady who feels as though someone is constantly observing her every action. Ellie is entangled in a web of falsehoods and deceit that threatens to destroy all she values while she attempts to identify her stalker. Before it’s too late, Ellie must work with her ex-boyfriend Greg to find the truth in a race against time. “Right Behind You” has twists and turns that will keep readers wondering until the very end as the tension rises and the stakes increase. Abbott’s “Right Behind” is distinguished by its superb storytelling and well-developed characters and is a must-read for fans of psychological suspense.
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“Right Behind You” by Rachel Abbott, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

David J. Gatward’s exciting self-published story “Silent Ruin” tells the story of sacrifice and survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The novel, which is set in a future in which a terrible epidemic has killed out the majority of humanity, follows a group of self-published survivors as they fight to survive in a dangerous and hopeless world. The main character, Jack, is one of them; he is a former soldier who is tormented by his past and driven by a strong desire for atonement. Jack and his self-published friends have to face both the dark secrets inside their hearts and the outside perils that surround them as they make their way across the dangerous terrain. The compelling and emotionally stirring self-published narrative “Silent Ruin” tackles themes of loss, resiliency, and the eternal force of optimism in the face of overwhelming odds. 

“Silent Ruin” by David J. Gatward, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

Cary J. Hansson’s moving self-published book “A Midlife Gamble” explores self-discovery and reinvention in the face of unforeseen obstacles. The protagonist, Mark, a middle-aged guy whose life takes a drastic change when he loses his job and finds himself at a crossroads, is the focus of the self-published novel. Mark decides to follow his long-abandoned passion for gambling, thinking it will be his passport to a fresh start when faced with the possibility of starting again. But as he delves deeper into the world of high-stakes betting, Mark finds that there are dangers and temptations along the way to redemption. With its compelling story and well-drawn characters, “A Midlife Gamble” is an engrossing autobiographical tale of perseverance, atonement, and the transforming influence of second chances. With her deft handling of human nature, Hansson provides self-publishing readers with an insightful look at identity, meaning, and pursuing pleasure.

“A Midlife Gamble” by Cary J. Hansson, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

Francesca Catlow’s intriguing self-published book “Greek Secret” combines a modern mystery with mythology from antiquity. The plot, which is set in the gorgeous landscapes of Greece, follows archaeologist Dr. Helena Hunter as she unearths a truth that has the power to alter the course of history. When Helena investigates the origins of the unusual artefact she finds, she finds herself caught in a risky self-published game of intrigue and deception that could lead to a long-lost wealth. Helena has to work with a charming historian to interpret hints left by past societies to discover the truth before it gets into the wrong hands. The gripping self-published novel “Greek Secret” blends mythology, history, and suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats.
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“Greek Secret” by Francesca Catlow, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

M.L. Rose’s compelling self-published story “My Brother’s Keeper,” tells the moving story of how treachery and redemption test family ties. The plot revolves around the lives of two brothers, Tom and Jack, against the backdrop of a tiny, tight-knit village. Tom’s relationship with Jack is destroyed when he is falsely accused of a crime. Jack must work his way through a web of lies and deceit to find the truth, since he is divided between his conscience and his brother’s allegiance. Jack learns sinister truths that could split his family apart as he investigates the case further. “My Brother’s Keeper” is a moving self-published examination of love, devotion, and the extent we will go to protect the people we care about. It has an exciting plot and engrossing characters.

“My Brother’s Keeper” by M.L. Rose, Famous Self-Published Book of all Time.

In conclusion, the realm of self-publishing in UK has given rise to numerous remarkable literary works that have achieved significant success and left an indelible mark on readers worldwide. The 10 top famous self-published books in UK mentioned in this blog showcase the immense talent and creativity of self-published authors who dared to embark on their own literary journeys.

The UK self-publishing industry is thriving and teeming with undiscovered talents. The ability and inventiveness that independent authors possess are far greater than what these ten top self-published books have to offer. These publications showcase the breadth and depth of self-published works that are currently accessible to readers, ranging from thoughtful essays to fantasy epics. Authors can express themselves freely and tell their stories to the world on their terms through self-publishing.

A growing number of authors are opting to take charge of their publication journey since self-publishing businesses and platforms like Amazon book publishing make it simpler than ever to become published. The self-publishing industry in the UK offers   for everyone, regardless of your interests—whether you’re a reader keen to explore new voices and stories or an ambitious author hoping to self-publish your first book. Now go ahead and delve into the diverse array of self-published books that are just waiting to be discovered.

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