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Savi Sharma is an Indian author known for her inspirational and motivational novels. She gained popularity through self-publishing and social media, and her books have been well-received by readers worldwide.


Savi Sharma, born on February 23, 1993, in Surat, Gujarat, India, is an accomplished author who has gained recognition for her inspirational and motivational novels. Her journey towards becoming a successful writer is a testament to her passion, determination, and self-belief.

After completing her education, Savi Sharma obtained a degree in Computer Engineering from VIT University in Vellore. Following her graduation, she embarked on a job, possibly in the field of computer engineering. However, her true passion for writing soon beckoned, leading her to take a bold step towards pursuing her dreams.

Savi Sharma’s decision to transition from a stable job to the uncertain world of writing reflected her determination to follow her heart. Armed with a creative spirit and a desire to share inspiring stories with the world, she began her writing career.

In 2016, Savi Sharma self-published her debut novel, “Everyone Has a Story.” The book struck a chord with readers, resonating with its message of hope, self-discovery, and pursuing dreams. Through th e power of social media and word-of-mouth recommendations, the novel gained widespread attention and became a bestseller in India. This success catapulted Savi Sharma into the literary spotlight and affirmed her decision to pursue writing.


Savi Sharma’s debut novel, “Everyone Has a Story,” published in 2015-16, marked the beginning of her literary journey and propelled her into the literary spotlight. The self-published book captivated readers with its poignant storytelling and relatable characters, resonating with people from diverse backgrounds.

Everyone Has a Story” revolves around the lives of four individuals who are on a quest to pursue their dreams and discover their true selves. The book explores their unique aspirations, struggles, and the transformative power of following one’s passions. Savi Sharma weaves a narrative that emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s dreams and finding the courage to take risks in order to lead a fulfilling life.

Everyone Has a Story a Book by Author Savi Sharma

The novel struck a chord with readers, both young and old, who could identify with the characters’ desires and challenges. Savi Sharma’s skillful portrayal of their journeys, filled with hopes, fears, and self-discovery, touched the hearts of readers, making the book relatable and inspiring.

The positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations propelled “Everyone Has a Story” to great heights, making it a bestseller in India. Readers were drawn to Savi Sharma’s ability to craft a story that not only entertained but also resonated on a deeper emotional level. Her writing style, characterized by simplicity, sincerity, and a touch of optimism, captured the imagination of readers and left a lasting impact.

The success of “Everyone Has a Story” not only established Savi Sharma as a talented storyteller but also showcased the power of self-publishing and the influence of social media. Through strategic use of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she managed to create a significant online presence and connect directly with her readers. Her relatability and authenticity in sharing her writing journey and personal experiences further endeared her to her audience, forging a strong bond between author and reader.

The popularity of “Everyone Has a Story” paved the way for Savi Sharma’s subsequent works and established her as an influential voice in the literary world. It also demonstrated the potential for aspiring authors to carve their own paths outside of traditional publishing channels.

Savi Sharma’s debut novel not only entertained readers but also left them with a sense of empowerment, reminding them that everyone has a unique story worth sharing and that pursuing one’s dreams is a journey worth undertaking. Her ability to craft a compelling narrative while touching upon universal themes of self-discovery and following one’s passion has made “Everyone Has a Story” a beloved book among readers in India and beyond.

In 2017, building on the success of her debut novel, Savi Sharma published her second book, This Is Not Your Story.” The novel takes readers on a journey alongside four friends as they search for purpose, face obstacles, and strive to create their own stories.

“This Is Not Your Story” revolves around Shaurya, a budding artist whose dreams are crushed due to a tragic accident; Miraya, an ambitious interior designer who struggles with societal expectations; Anubhav, a talented entrepreneur caught in the pursuit of material success; and Kasturi, a passionate dancer longing for acceptance and freedom. Each character is at a crossroads in their lives, grappling with decisions that will shape their future.

This Is Not Your Story a Book by Author Savi Sharma

The book explores themes of self-discovery, following one’s passion, and finding one’s unique path in life. Through the intertwining narratives of the four friends, Savi Sharma delves into the complexities of personal aspirations, societal pressures, and the courage required to break free from conventions.

As the characters navigate life’s challenges, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own dreams and aspirations. Savi Sharma’s storytelling resonates with readers as they witness the characters’ journeys of self-realization, learning that sometimes the most fulfilling stories are the ones we create for ourselves.

“This Is Not Your Story” continues Savi Sharma’s signature style of relatable characters and heartfelt storytelling. By addressing common struggles faced by young individuals, such as societal expectations and the fear of deviating from the norm, the book strikes a chord with readers of all ages.

The novel received positive reviews, with readers praising its inspirational message and relatability. Savi Sharma’s ability to infuse her writing with empathy and authenticity allows readers to connect with the characters’ hopes, dreams, and challenges on a deeply personal level.

With “This Is Not Your Story,” Savi Sharma solidified her position as a writer who not only entertains but also provokes introspection. The book’s success further cemented her reputation as an author capable of crafting narratives that touch the hearts and minds of readers, resonating with their own desires for self-discovery and the pursuit of a meaningful life.

Through its exploration of friendship, dreams, and the power of personal narratives, “This Is Not Your Story” encourages readers to embrace their individuality and chart their own paths. The book serves as a reminder that each person has the agency to shape their own story, despite the obstacles they may face along the way.

In 2018, Savi Sharma delighted her readers with the release of her third book, “Everyone Has a Story 2.” This novel serves as a sequel to her debut work, further exploring the lives of the beloved characters while introducing new perspectives on life, dreams, and love.

Everyone Has a Story 2 a Book by Author Savi Sharma

“Everyone Has a Story 2” continues the narrative of the characters from the first book, delving deeper into their personal journeys and aspirations. Savi Sharma masterfully weaves together their stories, allowing readers to reconnect with familiar faces and witness their continued growth and transformation.

The sequel presents a fresh set of challenges and dilemmas for the characters, as they navigate through new chapters of their lives. Savi Sharma’s storytelling prowess shines through as she captures the intricacies of human emotions, relationships, and the pursuit of dreams.

Building upon the foundation established in the first book, “Everyone Has a Story 2” introduces readers to new perspectives and characters, offering fresh insights into the themes of self-discovery and following one’s passions. Through the experiences of these additional characters, Savi Sharma expands the scope of the story and provides a broader exploration of the human experience.

The sequel maintains Savi Sharma’s signature style of relatability, authenticity, and inspirational messaging. Readers are once again drawn into the lives of the characters, sharing their joys, sorrows, and moments of self-realization. The novel inspires reflection on personal aspirations and encourages readers to pursue their own unique stories.

“Everyone Has a Story 2” received positive feedback from readers, who appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with the characters they had grown fond of in the first book. Savi Sharma’s ability to maintain the essence of the original story while introducing new layers of depth and complexity was praised by fans and critics alike.

With “Everyone Has a Story 2,” Savi Sharma demonstrated her storytelling prowess and ability to create narratives that resonate with readers. The sequel further solidified her reputation as an author who skillfully intertwines relatable characters, compelling narratives, and profound themes to create impactful stories.

By expanding the world she initially created in her debut novel, Savi Sharma invites readers to continue their exploration of the characters’ lives, dreams, and the universal quest for happiness and fulfillment. “Everyone Has a Story 2” serves as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the infinite possibilities that lie within each individual’s unique journey.

“Stories We Never Tell” by Savi Sharma (2019-20) explores the untold narratives that people keep hidden within themselves. It delves into the lives of two central characters, Jhanvi and Ashray, as they navigate their own personal struggles and ultimately find hope and healing.

Jhanvi is a budding social media influencer who portrays an ideal life to the outside world. However, beneath the surface, she carries a deep need for perfection that drives her relentlessly. Despite her seemingly picture-perfect existence, there is an underlying emptiness within her. The story highlights the pressure individuals often face to present themselves as flawless, even when it comes at the cost of their own happiness.

Stories We Never Tell a Book by Author Savi Sharma

Ashray, on the other hand, has had a challenging start in life. Through hard work and determination, he manages to transform his dreams into reality. However, as he faces unexpected setbacks, his insecurities begin to surface. The narrative delves into the complexities of overcoming self-doubt and finding resilience in the face of adversity.

As Jhanvi and Ashray’s stories intertwine, their lives undergo unexpected transformations. Through their shared experiences, the novel explores themes of loss, darkness, and destruction. However, amidst these challenges, the characters strive to find hope, light, and the possibility of recovery.

Stories We Never Tell” sheds light on the power of vulnerability, the importance of acknowledging and sharing one’s pain, and the healing that can come from connecting with others. It emphasizes the significance of listening and providing a space for these untold stories to be heard.

Savi Sharma’s storytelling invites readers to reflect on their own hidden stories and the emotional barriers that prevent them from opening up. The novel aims to inspire readers to confront their own pain, embrace authenticity, and seek support and understanding from those around them.

Through the journey of Jhanvi and Ashray, “Stories We Never Tell” offers a narrative of hope and redemption. It encourages readers to acknowledge the darkness within their own lives and find the courage to share their stories, ultimately paving the way for healing and transformation.

Savi Sharma’s books are characterized by their simple yet engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and inspirational messages. Her works have resonated with readers, especially young adults and those seeking motivation and encouragement.


Savi Sharma’s achievements in the literary world are a testament to her self-publishing success and her ability to connect with readers through the power of social media. Her accomplishments have garnered recognition from various media outlets, showcasing her influence and impact as an author.

Through her self-published books, Savi Sharma has captured the attention of readers not only in India but also across the globe. Her works have resonated with audiences to such an extent that they have been translated into multiple languages, reaching an even wider readership. This international recognition speaks to the universality of her stories and the universal themes she explores.

Savi Sharma’s ability to connect with readers through social media has been instrumental in her success. Through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she has fostered a strong online presence, engaging directly with her audience and cultivating a loyal following. Her relatable and authentic approach to sharing her writing journey and personal experiences has further endeared her to readers, creating a genuine connection between author and fan.

In addition to her writing accomplishments, Savi Sharma has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and interviews, further solidifying her presence in the literary sphere. Her insights and experiences have been sought after, allowing her to share her wisdom and inspire aspiring writers.

Her ability to succeed in the competitive publishing industry through self-publishing and her astute use of social media demonstrate the changing landscape of the literary world and the potential for authors to forge their own paths. Savi Sharma’s journey exemplifies that with passion, perseverance, and a genuine connection with readers, remarkable achievements can be attained.

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