10 Best Free Book Reading Apps for Bookworms

Looking for best free book reading apps? Book in hand, coffee by your side, and soothing music in your background – isn’t that so dreamy? From ages and even now the beauty of reading is a book in your hand and quiet atmosphere. But sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to take this aesthetic around with you. Smartphone have now become the new books for avid reader like us. Headphone set the mood and coffee in one hand – there is your peace.

While it may have been difficult to conceive combining reading and smartphone use just a few years ago, the two now go hand in hand. We certainly live in exciting times, and while reading has been a tradition for thousands of years, current times demand that we adapt and change the way we read.

But where do you read? What platform should you go? Huh? What? 

Lots of questions and yet you have lots of choices as answers.

A reading app, as the name implies, is a mobile application that you may download and install on your device to assist you read or organise your reading.

While some reading apps are dedicated to allowing you to read without purchasing paperback books and even offer extra features such as the ability to listen to books rather than read them, others are more focused on helping you track your reading and reading habits. Of course, some authors integrate these two primary elements into comprehensive answers for modern readers.

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Reading apps, often known as book apps, have been available for a few years, but their popularity has recently skyrocketed. These apps seek to address many challenges that the modern reader has, and they are quite effective in giving a better reading experience.

So here are 10 free book reading apps that can become your saving grace –

This is an amazing website curated for the readers who are possibly thinking to become writers or avid reader. This platform provide you multiple stories written by budding writers and also allows you to write as well. From every genre to every language BlueroseONE shows you a book – whether it is a short story, novel, novella, poetry, compilation of articles and what not! It has nothing that bounds you from reading whatever you want. Easy interface and many many books – what else does a reader want.

One of the most well-known free reading apps is Kindle, which was created by Amazon to make it easier for customers to download books, articles, and other useful information. To ensure a fantastic reading experience, this reading app has a built-in dictionary and a text-highlighting option. With the Kindle ebook app, you can easily download books for reading and sharing from the Kindle store. Because it is available on practically all mobile platforms, it is also a practical reading alternative.

This app’s extremely adjustable reading experience is its most intriguing feature. enables viewing of ePub, PDF, and Adobe DRM-protected files and allows you to browse the app’s selection of new readings, which includes many free classics. You can add as many audiobooks as you like, underline important passages, and make notes while reading if you choose to subscribe for the Premium edition.

The most popular ebook formats are supported by this reading interface, which is also very customisable so you may design your own online reading space. Uploading books to Google Drive and connecting to the app will allow you to access reads from your library or bring your own books. A premium edition is also available with more features.

Wattpad is for you if you need to jazz up your reading game. It’s a brand-new platform for the digital era that allows authors to communicate with readers directly. Reading has a community feel thanks to Wattpad. By making a comment on a specific chapter, sentence, or phrase inside a book, you can engage in conversation with other readers. Every genre introduces the user to a different setting where they can explore or find inspiration. The app invites you to take part in writing competitions, grow your fan network, or contribute to the stories it chooses to feature.

Wattpad will assist you in transitioning from reader to writer. You may expand your audience by utilising the Wattpad community. Some stories are also turned into movies that may be watched online!

A beautiful app that’s amazing for reading various fiction genres – from crime to comedy and hate to love; you can find every genre with the most exceptional content. The software, developed by writing social network and publisher Inkitt, has a wide variety of special effects that are intended to engross readers in a story. The content is constructed with internet-era attention spans in mind, delivering one brief syllable at a time, and includes sound effects, visual effects, and even haptic feedback. 90,000 authors who have published over 300,000 stories have been part of its community of over one million users. 46 of them have become bestsellers.

Founded in 2008, Quotev is an innovative site for tests, tales, polls, and surveys. Publishing your own works, sharing them with others, adding them to your library to get updates, and following other writers or readers are all options. Talk about other people’s works, share and comment on updates with your followers in activity posts or journal entries, and chat with others in groups or messaging. Quotev is another universe for the OG online readers.

As an online literature platform that blends copyright licencing and cooperation, Webnovel has made an interactive online reading experience its core. Free chapters are available for readers to peruse before choosing to continue reading by paying for additional chapters. Webnovel delivers the best online writing community for users throughout the world. It aids writers with the serialisation of their works, whether they be novels or comic books. Webnovel strongly defends copyright legislation while encouraging the creative spirit. The pay-to-read business model of Webnovels has made it possible for an increasing number of authors worldwide to profit from their writing, resulting in significant changes in authors’ way of life.

Comic book readers may read fresh instalments of their favourite comics on WEBTOON, a website and mobile application. The website has two “category” for webtoons: Originals and Canvas. A comic that has been selected by the WEBTOON editors to be highlighted and promoted is known as a Webtoon Original. Readers can help the comic book creator by using Coins to read episodes of an Original before the general public can by using WEBTOON’s PR and marketing support.

Best option for extroverts who enjoy reading and discussing literature. Interesting feature: This top Android app for book lovers allows you to create groups with other users. Also, hashtags are supported. Each aspect of the app Litsy is designed to promote social interaction. You may view your friends’ “reading moments” as well as those of your favourite authors and influencers. You can interact with other users in this in-app community while reading.

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Being a voracious reader puts one in the challenging situation of having to figure out how to take their books with them. Look at the aforementioned websites and apps, then read endlessly wherever you are. 

Happy Reading!

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