Book Review: Rajesh Khanna – The most versatile superstar of Hindi cinema a Book By Narayanan Subramanian

Book: Rajesh Khanna – The Most Versatile Superstar of Hindi Cinema
AuthorNarayanan Subramanian

Blurb – Rajesh Khanna – The Most Versatile Superstar Actor of Hindi Cinema describes the Super Stardom accorded by the public to Rajesh Khanna, solely due to the variety of roles done by him with dedication, in spite of a strong lobby in the Industry which tried to degrade his films and his performances for one reason or other. 

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This book not only throws light on his versatility but also gives brief story line of all his films, and mentions the 74 Golden Jubilee hits, 24 silver jubilee hits, 6 average hits. The details presented in the book will induce the readers to search for these films in all available medias. All the happenings in his life from 1942 to 2012 has been covered.

The details and the data given in this book, written in a simple language, shows the tireless effort of the author Narayanan Subramanian, in compiling each and every minute details of Mr. Rajesh Khanna’s career and life, mostly from public domain, in a presentable form and also shows how Rajesh Khanna was deprived from getting highest National honours. 

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Perhaps, had Khanna ever written his autobiography, this is how he would have written. It is a must read for not just fans of Rajesh Khanna but also to Cinema Lovers across the world as it creates awareness on why Mr. Khanna needs to be respected and celebrated, even more in the coming times. The book is perfect tribute to the First Superstar of Indian Cinema.

Review – The Bollywood film industry, often known as the Hindi film industry, is India’s largest. Not only that, but the Bollywood film business is one of the most successful in the world today. Many actors and actresses have worked in Bollywood throughout its history, but only a few have become well-known and won the hearts of audiences with their acting abilities and distinct style.

Rajesh Khanna was an Indian politician, actor, and film producer. He made his acting debut in 1966 with Aakhri Khat, which served as India’s official entry for the 1967 Oscars. This book is entirely about his journey—all of the successes, setbacks, highs, and lows—but there’s a catch: it’s all told from the perspective of a fan. He has given 15 consecutive hit films, which is a tremendous accomplishment. We all know him as Rajesh Khanna, but his given name was Jatin Khanna. 

He has garnered 5 Filmfare Awards and 4 Bafza Awards for his outstanding acting, and he was also awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2013. Padma Bhushan is the third-highest civilian honour, and he received it after his death.

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This book discusses the reasons why he was the first pan-Indian superstar of Indian cinema, the most versatile superstar of Hindi cinema, the most underrated actor in Hindi cinema, as well as a detailed list of the milestones he set and accolades he received. This book aids in dispelling the myths around Khanna’s professional and personal lives.

The book has beautiful aspects which covered all of his life in such an intriguing point of view. The legend has been given justice through the author’s writing.

If you are interested in the lives of Bollywood Star, this book is just the right choice for you.

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