Top 10 Book Clubs in Mumbai That Everyone should Join

Are you a voracious reader who always has at least one book with them? Or perhaps you once did, but being an adult gobbled up all that reading time? It’s time to cancel your Netflix subscription since we’ve put together a list of the top book clubs in Mumbai that will make it simpler for you to finish all of your book challenges and connect with other book lovers.

  1. Juhu Book Club
  2. Bound Together
  3. Caferati, Th Writer’s Forum
  4. Bring Your Own Book
  5. Broke Bibliophiles
  6. Book Exchange Club
  7. Jane Austen Book Club
  8. Loquations
  9. The Pen
  10. Mulund Book Club

The Juhu book club in Mumbai, which is likely one of Mumbai’s busiest, was founded in 2006 with the intention of initially reviewing books. The book club has increased its social media presence and is now quite active, organising book club meetings for its members to gather and talk about the books they have read, are currently reading, or want to read.
Simply join their Facebook group to receive the most recent news and events

Book Clubs in Mumbai

A public book club in Mumbai called Bound Together Bombay holds regular meetings in a Mumbai cafe or bar. Members can participate and interact with other readers by sharing their reading experiences. They typically get together on Saturday afternoons, and the meeting place is somewhere between Bandra and Colaba. There are many themes for various weeks, including Halloween, contemporary French, reads from around the world, and sports fiction.
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Bound Together - Book Clubs in Mumbai

Mumbai Book Clubs

Want criticism on your writing? You should use Caferati. Simply join their Facebook group and share your writing and other works there, writers. After that, group members can review your work and offer comments. Caferati, as the name implies, is a venue for authors to connect, discuss their work, and receive comments and criticism from both other writers and readers, albeit it differs somewhat from your typical book club.
This unusual forum also hosts “read meets” once a month, and on the fourth Monday of each month, they reportedly host open mics at the Prithvi Theatre. You have the option of performing your written work solo or with a partner at the open mic.

Caferati, The Writer’s Forum - Book Clubs in Mumbai

Book Clubs in Mumbai

Another booming book-lovers club in Mumbai is the Bring Your Own Book chapter of Mumbai, which is a distinct form of BYOB. BYOB is an all-India network, however the Mumbai branch is the most active. The gatherings typically take place in parks, cafes, or people’s homes. They also maintain a small library on their website thanks to the members who give out their books, so if you need to borrow a book, simply contact the admins and they’ll help you out. You can even lend a few books to other members. Both joining and borrowing books are free. A book group and an online library? This is the fulfilment of every bookworm’s fantasy.
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Bring Your Own Book - Book Clubs in Mumbai

Mumbai Book Clubs

Mumbai book hoarders are welcome to join our organisation. They are perhaps one of Mumbai’s most active online and offline organisations. They arrange a number of gatherings where you may talk about writers, exchange books, analyse poetry or prose, etc.

They routinely organise events, usually on Sundays, where individuals may come and share their book readings, have in-depth discussions about them, and, of course, meet new people who share our enthusiasm for books. Additionally, they publish informative articles and other content on their Facebook page.

Book Clubs in Mumbai

The idea of swapping books with other book lovers in the city excite us since it is so noble and pure. This community, which was founded in 2012 but isn’t as busy as it once was, is for people who wish to get together to swap books and plan reading sessions with one another. We now have the opportunity to go out and meet new people, discuss literature, lend and borrow books, and do so much more. Their calendar of events includes get-togethers over coffee, reading sessions, and even speeches, all of which are open to their members.
You can also post on the group to organise a meeting, or you may have a digital book discussion there.

Book Exchange Club Book Clubs in Mumbai

Mumbai Book Clubs

You don’t come across a 16-year-old girl starting a literary group and making it successful every day. Anvita Budhraja, a student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, founded this club in 2012, the same year that the most renowned Jane Austen celebrated her 237th birthday. On December 16, 2012, the group held its first significant event. This organisation has reached out to Mumbai colleges and held a creative writing competition in addition to being a book club that links readers. Participants in this competition had to rework any well-known Jane Austen scene, but with a twist—they had to update it for the twenty-first century. The club also hosts numerous comparable literary events, workshops, competitions, and gatherings throughout Mumbai.
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Book Clubs in Mumbai

8. Loquations

This is a reading group for poetry that is only interested in English poetry. Every month on the second Tuesday, the group gets together to talk about their favourite poets and favourite poetry. If there is a fifth Tuesday, it is only for reading one’s own poetry. This small, close-knit group still organises book club meetings occasionally based on members’ availability. However, they are not currently particularly active. This club, which was founded by Jane Bhandari, an interior designer by trade and an avid writer by passion, is searching for more engaged and accessible members.

Loquations - Book Clubs in Mumbai

Mumbai Book Clubs

9. The Pen

The PEN, officially known as the International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists & Novelists, is one of the oldest and most renowned literary clubs in the world. Its Indian chapter is located in Mumbai. The club hosts numerous workshops and other literary activities in addition to its monthly meetings. With the PEN, one can choose to be either a full or associate member; full membership requires at least two published works in addition to the absence of any prerequisites for associate membership. Theosophy Hall in Mumbai is where the organisation gathers once a month. At the moment, the PEN is divided into three circles: the circles for readers, writers, and publishers.

The Pen - Book Clubs in Mumbai

Book Clubs in Mumbai

This book club in Mumbai was established on September 11, 2014, and it is open to all readers. The book meetings mostly centre on exchanging opinions on the participants’ favourite books. Do you want to read books or genres you may not have before but would appreciate suggestions from others on where to start? If so, this book club is a good fit for you because this is what it’s all about. Books either authored in English or translated into English are discussed in the group. Since most of the meetings take place in and near Mulund, this book club comprises members who are primarily from that area, making it particularly helpful for bookworms who reside in this area of Mumbai.

Mulund Book Club - Book clubs in Mumbai

Mumbai Book Clubs

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Being a part of a book club not only encourages you to read more books, but it also increases your social circle, broadens your reading interests, and inspires your inner writer. These are a few of Mumbai’s well-known, intriguing, and vibrant book clubs.

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