Book Review – Don’t make it shorter a book by Ratan Prasad

Book – Don’t Make it Shorter 
Author – Ratan Prasad

Blurb – This book is based on nature, human life, and world. This book of poems, prose, and sketches is broken into parts, for the deep reason that you fully grasp and linearly understand this feeling, experience, joy and Nature beauty. Enjoy this book that has taken me one year to complete.

Review – “Don’t Make it Shorter” by Ratan Prasad is a mosaic of distinct stanzas, each glimmering with its own idea or message. However, a common thread runs through the tapestry, one that is rooted in struggle and how we respond to it. 

From the first poem, we are reminded of the salty tears we spill, both in triumph and defeat. This serves as a testament to the battles we’ve waged in order to reach where we currently stand.

As we turn the pages, we continues to delve into the inner conflict between the mind and heart. Ratan Prasad urges readers to heed reason, as it is the beacon of rationality amidst the stormy seas of life. 

The importance of maintaining consistency, even when we appear inactive, is also celebrated. 

His words warns us of the trap of avarice, a seductive mirage that ever eludes us. He urges readers to do right, even when others are unmindful, for it is not the applause we seek, but the solace of our conscience. Additionally, the power of a gaze is captured, showing how it can enrapture and ensnare us.

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We explore the duality of beauty and ugliness as he continues to show how his words and emotions share the same coin and can both stir our passions. 

It also delves into the desolation of feeling forgotten, how it can gnaw at our soul. Time is portrayed as the greatest teacher, with its lessons being endless if we are willing to learn. 

However, the gradual erosion of customs and traditions is lamented, as they slip away as time marches on. The agony of losing oneself is also depicted, and the need for divine intervention to find our way back is highlighted.

The style of the poem is an exquisite fusion of free verse, rhyming couplets, and fragmentary lines. This creates a poetic melange that enchants the reader. The language used is limpid, flowing like a glistening stream, inviting readers of every hue to partake of its beauty. 

The poems employ repetition and vivid imagery to evoke the myriad emotions and themes they explore.

Additionally, the poems are rife with rhetorical questions, encouraging introspection and reflection in the reader. The writing style is an eloquent vehicle for the author’s thoughts and emotions, crafting a tapestry of ideas that captivate and inspire.

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All in all, the compilation is a beautiful work of art that explores the various struggles we encounter in life and how we respond to them. It celebrates consistency, reason, and doing what is right, even when it goes unnoticed. 

The power of a gaze, the duality of beauty and ugliness, and the agony of feeling forgotten are also explored. 

The writing style is an exquisite fusion of various forms, with vivid imagery and rhetorical questions encouraging reflection and introspection.

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