How to start a writing career? – Essential Guide

Writing is a very coveted career right now. Talented writers always want their work to be read by the world. However, it is difficult to know where to start. In this blog, we will cover all the routes which will lead you to a successful writing career.

From Ghostwriting to Content writing, figure out what will be the best option and most profitable option for you.

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Is writing a good career in India?

Writing is a career that has many fields. It does not have just one route, instead, it is a prospect with many outcomes where each result will only benefit you.

You can be a writer even while pursuing some other career as well which gives you a lot of flexibility. Writing can be done full-time or even as freelancing. While you are trying to open up new career prospects for yourself opt for freelancing as it can give you a lot of feasibility.

Working as a full-time writer requires years sometimes. A writer spends years developing a plot, perfecting their art, and then finally reaching the stage of releasing their book.

It is a process that takes a lot of time.

Writers beginning their career would earn very less even if they sold a good amount of their copies. However, the graph always goes up in this industry.

In India, times are changing. Especially after the pandemic people have gone back to the old ways and started reading more which directly benefits the writer. With this renewed interest in reading, authors also started exploring writing more while they had the free time on their hands.

Keeping this in mind, writing is a booming business with many opportunities.

If your book takes off then you can be the next J.K. Rowling, who ended up being the first author billionaire.

Is writing a profitable career?

Writing is of different types. Being a full-time writer is a lot different from writing blogs, doing copywriting, ghostwriting, content writing, or freelancing. Content writing is the hottest commodity in the market right now as content rules in today’s time. Even if the product or service is not good, content can make it sound appealing and that’s why the biggest MNCs are investing in content writers. Apart from this ghostwriting and copywriting can also be really good options as writers get paid per word and get the money that their writing deserves. Being a novelist is not the only career opportunity in the writing industry. It would always be recommended to explore these opportunities before shifting to your writing career permanently. As they do not only give you experience but you can also make your name as a brand with your magnificent content and create a small fan base which will benefit you later when you decide to write a book. Writing is definitely a profitable career as you can make money by working from home while being behind a screen. Online opportunities opened up more after the pandemic as people realized the importance of art more than ever. Blue Rose Publishers have its own DIY platform where authors can publish their short stories or poems free of cost. We run this platform for passionate authors looking for a medium to publish their work without any hassle. Authors also get feedback on their work. We offer stats that will show you how many reads your work got and how many of them liked it. Readers also leave their reviews which would be a great boost for the author and would propel them to write more. The ratings your book will receive will benefit you in promoting your book and expand your writing career. BlueRoseONE DIY works wonders for zealous writers who are looking for an outlet to depict their imaginations as every story matters to us. The most important aspect of writing is to recognize your worth and find your niche.
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What type of writing pays the most?

Book ghostwriting can be a really high-paying job where every word counts and big projects are the benchmarks. After this unique long content writing, like blogs and articles along with the proper knowledge of SEO can make you a lot of money.

If you want to write a novel but can’t afford the process of printing out books then opt for e-books which can be a less tedious process as it shortens the entire procedure yet can give you the same outcome.

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Writing is a business with a lot of potential. It is not only a good outlet for the soul but also a capacity to help you earn well.

It is a multi-faceted field where you need to find your niche and live the desired life of a writer.

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