How to Publish a Book and Become a Bestselling Author.

Every writer has two goals, write and publish a book and become a bestselling author. But you can’t be a bestselling author by just having an idea to write. Having a bestseller comes with a slew of other benefits, such as reputation development and sharing your narrative with the world. Having a book to your name means you’re contributing to literature, having your voice heard, and so on – it’s a powerful marketing tool.

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What are the pros of becoming a bestselling author?

Being a bestselling author increases your credibility, Bestseller authors are simply taken more seriously. People believe that because your book has sold more copies, it must be better. When they regard you as a bestselling author, they are significantly more inclined to appreciate you, your book, and whatever else you present to them—such as a business.

Also it helps you set a base with your future possible projects because once you’ve achieved bestseller status, you can use that title in subsequent works. People are more inclined to buy your book for the same reason I indicated in the previous point: the public perceives bestseller status as an indicator of an excellent book.

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Your book should be compelling enough for people to read and then recommend and so on – you need to make sure this chain never breaks aside from your marketing. So let’s go step by step on how can you be a best-selling author who is also a crowd’s favourite –

  1. Research as to what themes are popular but with quality readers. Also choose your theme accordingly but yet a bit differently. Key points like Resonating, Emotional, Thrilling, etc, these sub-categories would be of great help to catch the reader’s eye.
  2. Your story should be a piece of you. Instead of writing a bland book with the attributes of a bestseller, write a tale that is important to you and make it a bestseller. Think of yourself as a reader and ponder on the thought that what would interest you.
  3. A book that speaks culture. It shouldn’t be dull and uninteresting. It should have layers of diversity, emotion, and tones that would attract the readers to your book.
  4. A book blurb is the soul that helps people understand or get intrigued by your book. People may or may not judge a book by its cover, but they will unquestionably judge it by its blurb. The more unique, engaging, and spectacular your book blurb is, the more likely it is that sales will grow. Whoever writes your blurb, it must be crisp, interesting, and intriguing to the readers.
  5. Create a book cover that no one can turn their eyes from. It should be enigmatic, harmonious, full of elements yet still balanced enough with breathing space.
  6. Once your entire manuscript is done along with the cover page, take it to the right publisher. Get it published in high quality with exceptional reach worldwide.
  7. Try to publish your book in multiple language to increase the chances of the world to read. Go from regional to global languages and grow as an author.
benefits of becoming a bestselling author

Do you want to know how to publish your books on a global scale? When you publish your books through publishers like BlueRoseONE, you can be confident that your book will be available in a variety of editions, formats, and languages all around the world. There will be no impediment to your audience’s growth.

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To grow more, you need to build a platform for yourself.

These platforms or ways will help you grow more and reach to a wider audience. Here are some suggestions for selling your book before it is finished:

  1. Create social media postings with book-related tips and tricks.
  2. Keep your followers up to date on the status of your book.
  3. Discuss the process of writing a book.
  4. Express your concerns about the writing or the subject itself.
  5. Create countdown posts as the launch date approaches.
  6. Engage your followers by inviting them to leave a comment below, and then converse with them.
  7. Request interviews about yourself and your book.

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Being a best-selling author adds credibility, future sales, and a strong base for your future endeavours as well. There are easy and difficult ways to be on that best-selling list but it all needs patience, perseverance, and product quality. Your journey of being an self-published author doesn’t end just after publishing a book and getting a few sales – it is a never-ending journey. So, market yourself and grow as a bestselling author.

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