Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 1st-6th Feb 2023.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Where: This year’s programme is split between two venues: the InterContinental Hotel in Festival City and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Jaddaf.
When: February 1st – February 6th 2023
Timings: Sessions are said to start as early as 8 a.m.

What is the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (The Festival)?

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature also called Emirates LitFest (ELF) is a celebration of the written word held annually in the vibrant city of Dubai.

This renowned event attracts a diverse array of local and international authors, poets, playwrights, and speakers to the United Arab Emirates. It’s an opportunity for visitors to engage with their favorite writers, attend book signings, panel discussions, workshops, readings, and performances.

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But that’s not all! The festival offers a range of activities for families and children, including storytelling sessions, book clubs, and hands-on workshops.

There’s also a bustling marketplace where you can peruse and purchase books, as well as savor food and drink from stalls and enjoy various attractions.

Held at the InterContinental Festival City in Dubai, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is widely supported by the local community and the UAE government as a significant cultural event and a platform for promoting literacy and education.

Know about the activities that happen in ELF before it gets finished?

  1. Scribbles and Smiles: Get up close and personal with your favorite scribes, hear them talk, and add a personal touch to your collection with signed copies. A rare chance to converse with the creators, discover more about their work, and satisfy your curiosity.
  2. Debates and Dialogues: An array of panel discussions and talks centered around a variety of literary themes, ranging from fiction and poetry to current events and politics. A stage for authors, intellectuals, and change-makers to express their views and engage in thought-provoking discussions.
  3. Crafting and Creation: The festival offers a range of workshops and masterclasses led by renowned writers, providing participants with a chance to learn from the masters and refine their writing techniques.
  4. Performances and Prose: Immerse yourself in live readings and performances by authors, poets, and storytellers, and feel the magic of the written word come alive.
  5. Book Bites and Banters: Join book clubs and literary discussions with fellow bibliophiles and discuss your favorite books and authors. A gathering of like-minded individuals who share a passion for reading.
  6. Stories and Smarts: Kids and families can relish storytelling sessions, interactive workshops, and other educational activities aimed at promoting literacy and a love of books.
  7. Bazaar of Books: Explore a vibrant marketplace filled with book stalls, food and drink stalls, and more, creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere for visitors.
  8. Reveal and Release: The festival is a launchpad for authors to unveil their new works and connect with readers. Be the first to take a glimpse at the latest literary creations at book launches and other events.
  9. Meet the Maestro: Attend meet-the-author sessions and Q&A sessions and get to know the masterminds behind the books. Ask questions, gain insights into their work, and make a connection.
  10. Cultural and Creative Celebrations: The festival showcases the rich literary traditions of the Arab world through cultural and heritage exhibitions and performances, providing a glimpse into the diverse cultural heritage of the region.

Emirates Airline Literature Festival (ELF) 2023

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is back with a bang for their 15th year anniversary and a theme that brings back memories- “Old Friends”. This year, the festival will be a reunion of some of the most celebrated authors and speakers from previous editions, who are eager to meet their fans once again.

Brian Cox, the iconic movie, TV and theater legend, and the unforgettable patriarch Logan Roy from HBO’s Succession, will take the stage and share his life story- a tale of triumph against all odds and showbiz tales that are simply unforgettable.

International best-selling authors will grace the festival, including Cecelia Ahern, who has captivated millions with her words, Mohsin Hamid, who has won the hearts of readers with his award-winning stories, and old friends of the festival, Jeffrey Archer and Alexander McCall Smith.

The festival will also host debut writers like Bonnie Garmus (Lessons in Chemistry), Bolu Babalola (Honey and Spice), Jo Browning Wroe (A Terrible Kindness) and Greg Mosse (The Coming Darkness), who are ready to make a splash with their first works.

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At this year’s Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the stars of tomorrow will have a chance to shine bright! With a mission to support aspiring authors in the UAE, four international literary agents will be joining the festival to conduct pitching workshops.

These workshops provide a unique opportunity for writing hopefuls to showcase their completed projects, refine their pitching skills and get a taste of what it takes to secure a publishing deal.

The festival has become a highlight of the cultural calendar in the UAE and the wider region, and it attracts a diverse range of visitors, from avid readers and book lovers to families, students, and tourists.

It is a unique and exciting opportunity to celebrate the written word and engage with some of the most talented and thought-provoking writers from around the world.

Whether you are a seasoned festival-goer or a first-time visitor, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is an event not to be missed.

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