Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis (April 28th – May 7th) 2023

Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis

When – April 28th – May 7th
Where – 
2015 Le Kram, Tunis
Timings – 
not stated yet

Tunisian literature weaves together the threads of the country’s storied past, showcasing the influences of its Phoenician, Roman, Arab, French, and Berber civilizations. 

From generations of storytellers, known as “mâazouns,” to the written plays, poems, and novels of today, Tunisia’s rich oral tradition continues to thrive.

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As Tunisia gained independence, the country took on a pioneering role in the Arab world, elevating and supporting the arts, including literature. 

In recent years, a new generation of young Tunisian writers have been pushing the boundaries of the form, crafting innovative works that delve into societal and political issues, as well as exploring the unique Tunisian identity and culture.

Famous Tunisian authors such as Albert Memmi, Habib Selmi, and Abdesselem ghalib have left their mark on the literary landscape with their poignant examinations of justice, freedom, and identity. 

Tunisia’s literary giants are celebrated for their vivid depictions of the country’s landscape and people, capturing the essence of Tunisia’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Tunisian literature serves as a window into the soul of the country, reflecting its history, its struggles, and its triumphs. It is a testament to Tunisia’s artistic and intellectual legacy, and a rich and rewarding experience for anyone passionate about the written word.

The Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis is a legendary literary celebration that has captured the hearts and minds of the world’s most passionate book lovers for over four decades. This annual festival, held in the bustling city of Tunis, brings together a diverse collection of publishing pros, writers, librarians, and bibliophiles for a lively gathering of the greatest minds in the literary arts.

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From book signings with famous authors, to enlightening panel discussions, imaginative workshops, and exhibitions showcasing the latest and greatest in publishing, the Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis is a playground for literary enthusiasts. Attendees can network, discover new works, and engage with the literary world in a celebration of the art of storytelling.

Throughout its history, this festival has served as a launchpad for up-and-coming writers and authors, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and reach new audiences. 

It’s also become a hub for literary talent, with many writers using it as an opportunity to launch their careers and promote their works.

The Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis is a literary fiesta that brings the world of words to life. This annual event, held in the bustling city of Tunis, is a gathering place for book lovers, literary aficionados, and publishing professionals.

  1. One of the festival’s shining stars is the platform it provides for emerging writers to showcase their talents. The fair serves as a hub for writers to connect with literary professionals, interact with the literary community, and receive constructive feedback on their work.
  2. The workshops at the Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis are a highlight that should not be missed. These imaginative sessions offer writers the chance to sharpen their skills, discover new techniques, and collaborate with fellow scribes. Led by experienced writers and literary experts, the workshops are designed to help writers reach their full potential and achieve their literary aspirations.
  3. Finally, the exhibitions at the Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis are a visual feast for book lovers. Displaying an array of books, from recent releases to classic treasures, visitors can wander through the stalls, chat with publishers, and get a sneak peek at the latest in publishing. The exhibitions are also a prime opportunity to purchase books directly from publishers and have them signed by the authors themselves.

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With a rich history and a commitment to promoting the written word, the Foire Internationale du Livre de Tunis is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the world of literature. 

So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the literary arts!

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