New Delhi World Book Fair (25th Feb – 5th March) 2023

New Delhi World Book Fair

When – February 25th – March 5th
Where – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Timings – 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The 31st edition of the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), which has been conducted for the previous 50 years, is a key publishing calendar event. NDWBF 2023 will take place in newly erected Halls 2-5 GF at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

The New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 will take place from February 25 to March 5 in the newly constructed Halls 2, 3, and 5 GF at Pragati Maidan. This is the 31st edition of the NDWBF, and France is this year’s Guest of Honor. The book fair will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. IST.

The National Book Trust, India, an autonomous organisation of the Government of India under the Ministry of Education, is organising the exhibition in partnership with the India Trade Promotion Organization. Today, Indian publishing is at a critical juncture in its development.

The National Book Trust, India, an autonomous body of the Government of India under the Ministry of Education, organises the Fair. Trade Promotion Organization of India (ITPO). Today, Indian publishing is at a critical juncture in its journey to expansion.

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The NDWBF provides exhibitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to do business with the burgeoning book sector. It’s also a great place to promote titles, make co-publication deals, and do business.

Aside from the numerous literary and publishing seminars and programmes held during the Fair, it also serves as a portal to the South Asian publishing and intellectual community.

The Fair attracts major publishing houses from throughout the world. In 2021, the Fair was organised virtually, with over 2.8 million hits, visitors from 70 countries, 150 Indian exhibitors, and approximately 15 foreign exhibitors. 

The Delhi Book Fair is the country’s largest fair, both in terms of size and economic value. It makes a significant contribution to the growth of surrounding markets. Every year, there are over 12000 publishers and 90,000 titles in over 18 languages.

This Delhi book expo is attended by national and international publishers, distributors, librarians, researchers, academicians, teachers and students, writers, and book lovers. Thousands of books are sold throughout the course of the fair’s nine days, and overseas delegations and teams attend.

New titles as well as old favourites are available here. The Delhi Book Fair also tries to divert the attention of the younger generation away from the internet and toward reading books. The Delhi Book Fair attracts over 200 renowned publishers and retailers from all over the world. There is also a significant level of foreign activity, including publishers and distributors from the United States, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Mauritius.

From some thorough research, we also found out that this year’s WBF will have a special section dedicated to promoting “Published Child Authors.”

Surprisingly, and indicating a very thoughtful approach, the National Book Trust will accommodate a corner solely for Published Child Authors, where the child authors will be given the right platform to share their inspiration and source of interest, discuss ideas, and have a one-on-one interaction with the authors they admire.

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This will be an exciting opportunity for the young authors to truly understand how literature works.

Embassies, international mentors, and cultural centres are also encouraged to secure space in the Events Corner for Literary Programmes & Workshops, Book Launches, and Panel Discussions.

This will apply to both youngsters and adults. The NBT’s programme to promote Published Child Authors will be a brand-new offering at the New Delhi World Book Fair in 2023.

As a self-publishing house, BlueRose Publishers will also be displaying the creative and influential work of our authors in our stalls. We, as one of the publishing houses representing our authors in WBF, have provided them with various services like –

  1. Book Display
    Book your shelf space in our large Stall and allow others to discover your narrative with your words. It’s like your mini book store which will give the potential readers the chance to explore your world because – your tale, after all, deserves to be heard!
  2. Video Trailers
    A video is more engaging than any other type of entertainment. Keeping this in mind, here’s your chance to provide the targeted audience a sneak peak of your book.  BlueRose’s previously made video clip will be shown on the stall’s big LED screen. Standard video creation fees will apply if you do not have a trailer. The LED will only display videos generated by the BlueRose team. The trailer will be displayed on the LED screen at least four times every day.
  3. Merchandise
    With unique T shirt and Mug designs for your book, this is a new era promotional technique that will not only capture the attention of the potential audience, but also those who will appreciate the Mug/T shirt. All we’ll need is a memorable quotation from your book, and we’ll be ready to create an impression!  The audience will be given ten T-shirts or coffee mugs. They will be asked to share a post on one or more of their social media accounts, thanking and tagging the author. The author may or may not be informed about the shares and engagement.
  4. Author of the Day/Book Launch
    This service is most suited for you if you believe you can hold discussions for an entire day and want to interact with as many people as possible.  9 square metres of personal author area in the stall fitted with LED.  For promotion, copies worth Rs 2,000 will be provided. 
    A quarter-page interview with LitGleam, our in-house Literature and Lifestyle Magazine. The book will be unveiled and signed. The author will be encouraged to interact with the audience. It is not permitted to use a sound system. The supplied space will only be available for two hours.
    The most direct path to a book lover is through the pages…with a bookmark! Whatever book they purchase, an appealing Bookmark customised with your Book’s characteristics and information will leave a long-lasting imprint on their lives. Bookmarks will be printed on standard 300 gsm paper. The design team will build the bookmark in the format specified, and no requests for changes will be considered.

We have made sure to give our authors an incredible platform in the World Book Fair to give their career and dream as a writer a small push.

BlueRose Publishers is all set to go big in making way for your book from the shelves of our Stall to the bookshelves of strangers, with pocket-friendly services that will help you leave a mark in the brains and hearts of various bibliophiles.

So, save the date for one of the biggest Literature Fair because this will be an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

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