How to Publish a Book using Amazon KDP in the UK

For many writers, having their book published is their dream, but navigating the traditional publishing channels can be difficult. Thankfully, self-publishing services such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have completely changed the publishing landscape, enabling authors to easily share their works with a global audience. For authors in the UK, Amazon KDP provides an easy-to-use platform for publishing their books and connecting with a worldwide readership. 

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Regardless of your genre—novel, non-fiction, or poetry—Amazon KDP offers the resources and tools you require to make your work come to life. We’ll lead you through every step of using Amazon KDP to publish a book in the UK in this in-depth guide, from preparing your manuscript to marketing your finished product. This book will assist you in navigating the self-publishing landscape and realising your publishing goals, regardless of your experience level or desire to increase readership.

Here are the steps for Publishing a Book using Amazon KDP in the UK 2024:

  1. Step : Be Ready With Your Manuscript
  2. Step : Open a KDP Account on Amazon.
  3. Step : Decide on a Book Title
  4. Step : Book Details Entry
  5. Step : Submit Your Cover and Manuscript
  6. Step : Establish Your Rate and Royalty
  7. Step : Get Your Book Ready for Publication
  8. Step : Get Your Book Promoted

Step 1: Be Ready With Your Manuscript

You must make sure your manuscript is ready before you can release your book on Amazon KDP. Check your text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes first. It’s crucial to style your text according to Amazon’s requirements, which may involve adjusting the font size, line spacing, and margins. You also need to convert your manuscript to a file type that works with it, such as DOC or DOCX. This guarantees that uploading your manuscript to Amazon KDP will be simple. Finally, to make sure your manuscript is the best it can be before publishing, think about receiving input from beta readers or a professional editor.

First, register for an account on to publish your book through Amazon KDP. After entering your name, email address, and password, click “Sign up.” You can manage your books, keep tabs on sales, and more on the KDP dashboard once your account has been set up. You may have access to a multitude of publishing tools and information by creating a free account. You can publish eBooks and paperbacks, choose your prices and royalties, and reach millions of readers worldwide with your Amazon KDP account. With Amazon KDP, you can begin your self-publishing career by registering today.

Step 3: Decide on a Book Title

To begin configuring your book, select “Add a New Title” after registering for an Amazon KDP account. Enter the title, edition number, series information, and subtitle (if applicable) for your book. You must also include the name or names of your book’s authors. Make sure the pen name you’re using isn’t already in use. Next, decide on your book’s language and release date. Additionally, you’ll need to supply publisher information, which can be your publishing company’s name or your name. To make it easier for readers to find your book on Amazon, choose the categories and keywords that most accurately represent it.

Step 4: Book Details Entry

Enter the book’s details after you’ve set up the title. Choose the language your book is written in and indicate when it will be published. Give precise publisher information, such as your name or the name of your publishing house. Select the categories and keywords that most accurately represent your book after that. When people search on Amazon, these categories and keywords will make it easier for them to find your book. Making the most of your book’s exposure and possible sales requires choosing the appropriate categories and employing pertinent keywords. To prevent delays in the publication process, be sure that all the data you input is correct and current.
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Step 5: Submit Your Cover and Manuscript

Click “Upload eBook manuscript” and choose the file from your computer to upload your work. Many file types, including DOC, DOCX, HTML, MOBI, ePub, and PDF, are supported by Amazon KDP. Before posting, make sure your manuscript has been updated and formatted correctly. Click “Upload a cover you already have” and choose the cover file from your computer to create the cover. Before uploading, check that your cover complies with the cover design rules provided by Amazon KDP. To make sure your manuscript and cover look as intended, preview them. After you’re pleased, move on to the next phase, where you can choose your royalty and price.
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Step 6: Establish Your Rate and Royalty

Set your pricing and royalty options after uploading your cover and manuscript. For eBooks, Amazon KDP offers two royalty options: 35% and 70%. Books priced below £1.99 or above £9.99 are eligible for the 35% royalty choice, while books priced between £1.99 and £9.99 are eligible for the 70% royalty option. You also have the option to add your book to KDP Select, which lets readers check it out through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited. After deciding on your price and royalty schedule, you can preview your work and move on to the next stage, which is eBook publication.

Step 7: Get Your Book Ready for Publication

Make use of Amazon KDP Preview to give your book a sneak peek before it goes live. With the help of this application, you can preview your book across a variety of devices and make sure it is properly structured and professionally presents itself. To publish your book on Amazon after you’re happy with the preview, click the “Publish Your Kindle eBook” button. In 24 to 48 hours, your book should be available for purchase on Amazon. Through the Amazon KDP dashboard, you can monitor the sales and performance of your book after it is published. Congratulations! You’ve had your work published!

Step 8: Get Your Book Promoted

It’s crucial to promote your book once it’s been published to reach more people. To generate excitement about your book, use author websites, book blogs, and social media. To draw readers, think about providing discounts or promotions. To assist you in promoting your book, Amazon KDP provides marketing options like pre-orders for Kindle eBooks, Kindle Countdown Deals, and promotional pricing. To display your work, you can also take part in book fairs and other activities. Interact with your readers to create a virtual book community. Achieving success in book promotion requires both inventiveness and consistency. Continue to market your book and look for new ways to connect with readers.

Publishing your book with Amazon KDP in the UK is a rewarding process that lets you share your creativity and enthusiasm with readers worldwide. By following the procedures given in this tutorial, you can take control of your publishing destiny and bring your book to market with ease. But publishing is only the beginning. Actively promoting your book to your target audience is crucial to ensuring that it achieves its maximum potential. To create excitement about your book, interact with readers on social media, take part in book fairs and events, and think about extending discounts or promotions. Remember, self-publishing is a long race, not a sprint. Building a dedicated readership takes time and effort, but with dedication and determination, you may achieve success as a self-published author. Put your book out there and start your thrilling journey into the realm of self-publishing. Who knows where that could end up?
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