Book Review – Aumnism a Book by Shyamiva and Swapnil Arora.

Book: Aumnism – The first ray of Dawn 
Author: Swapnil Arora & Shyamiva

Blurb: In Aumnism, four people’s lives intersect as they search for spiritual enlightenment, contentment and the protagonist Avi discovers the power of true love along the way. With each person’s journey, they learn more about themselves and the universe around them. 

This book showcases the many ways in which fate can bring our lives back together, for good. With characters engulfed in relationships that delve deep into spiritual significance, this is a path that will leave you enlightened with newfound understandings on life and how it works. Aumnism promises readers an enthralling journey through intertwining worlds where every person must pay heed to their inner wisdom to discover treasured truths about themselves. 

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Review: Swapnil Arora and Shyamiva – a new spiritual-fiction duo that has starstruck the literary world with their first book “Aumnism” of the series “Vayam Satvere”. The writing style in this book has a narrative quality with a mix of poetic elements. The authors have used a rhyming scheme in the opening lines, creating a lyrical and rhythmic flow. 

The language is descriptive, and the story unfolds with a focus on the main character, Avi, and his experiences. The authors incorporates dialogue to convey the interactions between Avi and his family, friends, and society.

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The narrative explores themes such as self-discovery, societal expectations, parental influence, spirituality, and the impact of childhood experiences on a person’s development. The authors employs a blend of introspection and external events to delve into Avi’s emotions and struggles.

There are instances where the authors use metaphors and symbolism to convey deeper meanings. For example, the dream of Avalokitesvara and the connection between Avi’s name and the bodhisattva symbolize compassion, love, and spirituality. These elements add depth to the storytelling and provide a sense of continuity throughout the narrative.

The writing style effectively captures Avi’s internal struggles, his yearning for acceptance, and his journey of self-realization. It also highlights the societal pressures and parental expectations that impact his choices and emotional well-being.

The narratives are descriptive, emotive, and narrative-driven. It creates a vivid picture of the characters, their experiences, and their emotions, allowing the reader to connect with their journey on an intimate level. The authors employ a mix of prose and poetic elements, utilizing metaphors, imagery, and symbolic references to enhance the storytelling.

One notable aspect of the writing style is the use of descriptive language. The author meticulously describes the settings, emotions, and sensations, painting a detailed picture in the reader’s mind. For example, when describing Nandita Aunty’s fascination with Buddhism, the author takes the reader on a journey, capturing the serene rivers, the climate, the flora, and the Tibetan art, effectively conveying the beauty that captivated her. 

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Similarly, when narrating Avi’s encounters with spirits or his struggles with school, the author employs vivid descriptions that make the reader feel immersed in the scenes, experiencing the emotions alongside the characters.

The emotive quality of the writing style is another standout feature. The authors delve into the characters’ feelings, exploring their joys, sorrows, conflicts, and desires. The emotional depth is conveyed through dialogue, internal monologues, and the characters’ interactions. 

This emotional resonance allows the reader to empathize with the characters’ experiences and creates a connection that drives the narrative forward. The use of evocative language and poignant descriptions further enhances the emotional impact, making the reader feel the love, compassion, pain, and struggle that the characters go through.

The narrative-driven style of writing propels the story forward and engages the reader’s interest. The text follows a linear chronological structure, providing a glimpse into the characters’ lives from birth to adulthood. The narrative is character-driven, focusing on Avi’s experiences, thoughts, and emotions as he navigates through life’s challenges. 

The reader is given insight into Avi’s inner world, his dreams, his disappointments, and his growth. The inclusion of dialogues and interactions with other characters adds depth and allows for the development of relationships and conflicts. Through this narrative approach, the reader becomes invested in Avi’s journey and eagerly follows his transformation and self-discovery.

The writing style also incorporates elements of poetry and symbolism, adding a lyrical quality to the text. The use of metaphors, such as Avi being compared to a “dumping bin” or his sensitivity being described as a “mantle,” adds layers of meaning and invites the reader to delve into the deeper themes and messages embedded in the story. 

Symbolic references, like the dream of Avalokitesvara and Avi’s name being derived from it, carry spiritual undertones, connecting the narrative to larger philosophical and existential concepts. These poetic and symbolic elements elevate the prose and invite the reader to reflect on the themes of compassion, self-discovery, and societal expectations.

In conclusion, the writing style in the provided text is descriptive, emotive, narrative-driven, and incorporates poetic and symbolic elements. Through detailed descriptions, emotional depth, and a character-driven narrative, the author creates an engaging and immersive reading experience. 

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The use of evocative language, metaphors, and symbolism adds richness to the text, inviting the reader to delve into the deeper layers of the story and contemplate its themes. The writing style effectively brings the characters and their journey to life, leaving a lasting impact on the reader.

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