Book Review – Story of Vengeance a book by Dr. Juthikaa Deherkar

Book – Story of Vengeance  
Author – Dr. Juthikaa Deherkar

Blurb – Love and hatred have always been two sides of the same coin, one leading to the other .Thus the murder of a medical student Kia Verma in her hostel was for revenge for betrayed love or hatred? So who is the culprit? And will Officer Raghav ever find the truth? Let’s walk together through her life to know the truth.

Review – Story of Vengeance is a potent brew of  emotions that bubbles within, seeking to right the wrongs inflicted upon oneself. It is a primal force, born of anger and fueled by a sense of moral outrage. 

The desire for retribution burns bright, demanding justice for a perceived injustice or wrongdoing. Like a raging fire, it consumes all reason and logic, leaving only the need for punishment or revenge.

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The medical hostel in Pune was a serene haven for aspiring medical professionals until tragedy struck. Kia Verma, a bright and promising medical student, was found lifeless in the changing room after a refreshing swim. Chaos ensued, and the CBI team arrived to investigate the perplexing case.

As the team scoured the crime scene, the victim’s identity was established as Kia Verma, but the cause of death remained elusive. Raghav Patil, the investigating officer, interrogated Kia’s swim partner, Kajal Shah, and meticulously collected evidence.

The forensic team was in a frenzy, snapping photographs and analyzing every possible clue. Meanwhile, the police officers canvassed the area, gathering statements from the onlookers to construct an accurate FIR.

The tragic news of Kia’s death devastated her parents, Akash and Sunita Verma. The investigation remained ongoing, and the authorities awaited the post-mortem report to shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Kia’s untimely demise.

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The medical hostel, once a symbol of hope and ambition, was now a somber reminder of life’s fragility.

The writing style of the story is clean and factual, depicting the events in a direct and unambiguous manner. Juthikaa commences the story by introducing Kia Verma, a medical student who was found dead in the changing room after swimming in a medical hostel in Pune.

The third-person perspective adopted by her offers a neutral and objective tone, providing an unprejudiced and dispassionate narrative. 

The reader is presented with a clear account of the facts of the case, facilitating their formation of unbiased conclusions based on the presented information.

She uses succinct and snappy sentences to communicate the plotline, making it effortless for the reader to follow the story’s course. 

The active voice verbs intensify the narrative’s pace, generating an atmosphere of anxiety and unease that keeps the reader engaged and intrigued.

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The murder of medical student Kia Verma in her hostel raises the question of whether love and hatred are two faces of the same coin. 

Was the motive for her killing rooted in a sense of betrayed love or intense hatred? And who is the culprit behind this heinous act? With Officer Raghav on the case, the truth is within reach, but first, we must delve into the intricate web of Kia’s life to uncover the truth.

Brace yourself for a thrilling ride filled with passion, deception, and a quest for justice.

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