Book Review: Iconic Bridges of Indian Railways a Book by Dr. Yatindra Pal Singh 

Book – Iconic Bridges of Indian Railways
Author- Dr. Yatindra Pal Singh

Blurb – Indian Bridges are inseparable part of Indian Railways. They span raging rivers and deep gorges. Among the innumerable railway bridges, many of them are iconic in one or the other aspect. The book contains historical and technical information about 34 iconic bridges of Indian Railways. These selected Indian bridges are located all over India.

Review: Dr. Yatindra Pal Singh, Retired Additonal General Manager of North Central Railways and Vice-Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority is an avid photographer. By nature of his profession, he is both an excellent engineer and a manager but on the creative side, he is a marvellous writer and photographer.

His second book Iconic Bridges Of Indian Railways is an amazing source of information and visuals. He not only wrote the history of 34 iconic Indian bridges but also photographed those bridges in beautiful angles and aesthetic making his readers appreciate the beautiful underappreciated architecture.

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As his blurb says, he has also made his reader believe that Indian bridges are an essential component of Indian Railways. They cross raging rivers and deep canyons. Among the numerous railway bridges, many are iconic in one way or another. From Kalka Shimla Railway to The Curzon Bridge near Phaphamau, from beautiful aesthetics of Havelock Bridge over River Godavari to Rajendra Prasad Setu near Mokama – he has blended the art of writing and photography fascinatingly. 

He has explained the origin of the bridge, the reason why was it created, the plans, the overall budgeting, how tall and wide each bridge is along with few interesting stories along with his photography.

You can see the research and the patience he has when we see the colors complimenting the white and black text. He has conveyed the information in a particular pattern and made sure that his reader won’t be bored. With an excellent choice of paper that shows of his photography, he also has displayed his knowledge and experience in his field. 

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In his preface, he said that he has travelled all these places, enjoyed the history and the essence of each sight while taking his time to understand the construction and beauty of the architecture. He wrote this book to encourage the curiosity of young minds about the heritage and greatness of Indian Railway. 

It must be the first time that such type of detailed information is being available to the audience. Iconic Bridges of Indian Railways will be equally interesting to all the engineers, designers, railway men, tourists, and architectural enthusiasts.

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