Book Review: I am Not My Father a Book by Latesh Shah

Book – I Am Not My Father – Saga of Generations
Author – Latesh Shah

Blurb – “I Am Not My Father” is an extraordinary piece of fiction depicting the utter reality of our lives for generations together. The story of Arun, the protagonist, revolves around his life from childhood to middle age, evolving his engagement with the other characters, especially with his father, and with his son in the later part.

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“I am not my father” narrates a phenomenon of human life in the form of fiction. It emphasizes how unconsciously a son adapts to the characteristics of a father in an attempt of creating a new, separate identity.

The engaging and interesting reading of the book leads the readers to see themselves in the roles and characters of the book, making them aware of their thought and behavior patterns.

Review – This line we usually say that “we are not like them”. We don’t enjoy being compared but in the society that we live in, we will always be compared. People usually forget that if your compare someone to somebody, it pushes them to lose their individuality.

Through generations we have heard that we look like our parents but when that remark is made people forget that we aren’t just talking about the physical similarities, it also is about how we are as people. Latesh Shah has explained this scenario with a fiction story.

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He has explained the relation between a father and son, Somchand and Arun. Arun was the first child and therefore had all the love in the world that his parents had the offer but as soon as his siblings came, he had to share the love. 

Arun was annoyed which can be felt through Latesh’s writing. Arun felt dejected and alone and slowly became a rebel to gain his father’s attention.

- A Book By Latesh Shah

His rebelling made Somchand scold him and then as they both grew, those scoldings became arguments. “I am not my father”, a phrase which later became Arun’s motto.

The control over his life suffocated him and therefore his life became a journey of proving his father that he is nothing like him. But he, somehow, was. They thought the same way, wanted the same things – the only difference is that he was the son and Somchand was the father.

But after a few years, Arun was the father to his son and was the same disciplinarian as his father was. And when he finally realised that he is different yet quite similar to his father.

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He vowed to work on his relationship with his son and wished that one day his son would say, “I am like my father.”

The book is a beautiful story and resonating to every end. We are a part of our parents therefore similarities are natural but that doesn’t mean you are them. And one day maybe people will say that you are just like your parents – just make sure that whatever your answer is, it shouldn’t be out of anger or frustration but love and respect.

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