Book Review: Ink Love a Book by Nisha Sawant

Author – Nisha Sawant

Blurb: Ink love is a collection of narrative poems based on millennial love. It is an expression of mixed feelings. The narrator is stuck in the middle of her mind, heart and body and the influence around her is embraced with the traditional way of making love and being loved. 

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Nisha Sawant is not very traditional when it comes to making love, she wants to be with someone and she ends up being with someone else. Her heart is not willing to reveal something that she hides. Her mind is exhausted in frustration of not being able to be who she is and her body wants to dominate its own fantasy. 

So, what should the narrator do in such situation? Allow the heart to reveal its truth or be exhausted forever or let the body dominate?

Review: Poems are a beautiful way of communicating with emotions in a musical way but without audios; with intricate situations expressed in the simplest way with grace, Nisha Sawant in Ink Love has conveyed emotions that pass the spectrum of just happy and sad. Lines that say not to label a beautiful relation as it would insult the purity of the bond, lines that say that a small girl who grew up to be a free soul and rose up from the ashes of the world – She has made each line a musing for others to muse up on.

She has always wanted to write intricate narrative poems, and with Ink love, her first ambition is becoming a reality.

She has always wanted to write intricate narrative poems, and with Ink love, her first ambition is becoming a reality. Nisha started writing at a very young age – for her it was like expressing feelings through rhythmic words rather than talking.

Poems with self-explanatory verses, she has enigmatically explained all turmoil that was within her out loud through words. She is treading on a path of what to give and what to take, what to have and what not to, what is good and what is bad, while within the bounds of there emotions, she is crippling but still trying to stay afloat and live in the realms of reality. 

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It has various beautiful elements that moulds the reader with the feelings. The blend of free verse with rhyming literation has brought different underlying tones shine brightly.

Love is a tough emotion but instead of conquering it you need to feel it, let it reel you in; it will hurt sometimes, maybe even leave you devastated but what you gain is far more serene than you lose – you gain a lifetime of memories, lessons, people even.

Love is strong, it isn’t made to lose a war – its just you lose battles to find that love and that is what Nisha Sawant has expressed in InkLove.

So if you are looking for musing of love to muse on, Inklove should be your next read. 

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