How to Self Publish a Chinese Book?

Looking to Self Publish a Chinese Book? Chinese languages, commonly known as Sinitic languages or Chinese Han, are the primary language group of eastern Asia and are part of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Scholars classify Chinese into a variety of variants that are commonly referred to as dialects but are actually independent languages. More people speak a variant of Chinese as their native language than any other language in the world, and Modern Standard Chinese is one of the United Nations’ six official languages.

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The spoken variants of Chinese are mutually incomprehensible to their speakers. They differ from one another in the same way that modern Romance languages do. The majority of the distinctions between them are in pronunciation and vocabulary; there are only a few grammatical variances. 

In the northern, central, and western sections of China, these languages include Mandarin; Wu; Northern and Southern Min; Gan (Kan); Hakka (Kejia); and Xiang; and Cantonese (Yue) in the southern half of the country.

Some historians classify Chinese language history as Proto-Sinitic (Proto-Chinese; till 500 BC), Archaic (Old) Chinese (8th to 3rd century BC), Ancient (Middle) Chinese (through AD 907), and Modern Chinese (from c. the 10th century to modern times). The Proto-Sinitic period contains the first inscriptions and poetry; most loanwords in Chinese were borrowed after this time. 

The works of Confucius and Mencius usher in the Archaic Chinese period. Modern understanding of the sounds of Chinese during the Ancient Chinese period is obtained from a pronouncing dictionary of the language of the Ancient period written in AD 601 by the scholar Lu Fayan, as well as works released in the 11th century by the scholar-official Sima Guang.

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Writing in China dates back to the Shang Dynasty of 1700-1050 BC, when hieroglyphs were utilised. Chinese literature is a large subject that has been studied for thousands of years. One of the fascinating aspects of Chinese literature is that most of the serious literature was written in a formal written language known as Classical Chinese.

The best Yuan Dynasty literature and the four novels regarded the greatest classics are notable exceptions. Fiction, philosophical and religious works, poetry, and scientific literature are all examples of Chinese literary works. The dynasty eras frame Chinese literature history and are analyzed one by one. 

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Writing in a second language is never easy, but when you choose a difficult language like Chinese, the task becomes considerably more difficult. Should this deter you? Certainly not!

You can realise your dream of producing a fiction narrative with a positive attitude, determination, and helpful ideas. You’ll be ready to go on this fantastic trip as long as you have a brilliant narrative in mind and want to put it on paper.

  1. Before you start writing your book – strengthen your vocabulary
  2. Create a rough outline for your story
  3. Write the book draft by draft – work on the first layer, write whatever fits and then sculpt it better in the second draft.
  4. Even though you know enough Chinese to write a book – hire a native speaker to edit your book because for them it’d be easier to edit it precisely.
  5. Note down your errors so it would help you in your future writing endeavors.
  6. Keep it simple, complicating your vocabulary would confuse you more and more and you won’t be able to express your thoughts easily.
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Writing is one of the most important jobs – sometimes it is natural for you to lose motivation or the creative will to write. It is natural and human to be happening. During these times, read as much as you can to grasp a thought which you give you inspiration. Watch movies, listen to music, and just relax; don’t force yourself to write.

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A Few tips that will help you publish a Chinese book in 2022-

  1. Continue to work and finish your manuscript.
    Getting started on your manuscript is the first step toward your goal of producing a book in Chinese. Determine the premise, characters, and setting of your story. Look for ideas in Chinese novels. Your manuscript is the most important part of your book. Write your script and figure out what you’ll need. For example, if you write in English but want to target a Chinese audience, have your script translated to help you reach your aim. You must ensure that the essence is not lost during the translation process. These services may be provided by Chinese publishing houses or Global Publishing Houses
  2. Figure out the services you’ll need.
    You should be aware of the services you’ll need, such as editing and proofreading. You will need translation services if you are writing your book in English.
  3. Make a list of publishing houses while keeping in mind your target demographic.
    Determine which Chinese Book Publisher will best meet your needs. Conduct research on the Chinese publishing house you intend to utilise. There are a million publishing houses, but you must consider which ones would suit you and your budget. Collect information about several publishing house that support and recognise the importance of your narrative. Reduce it to the top three.
  4. Compare and choose.
    Compare the Chinese Book Publishers on your short list to choose one that meets all of your requirements. Choose a publishing business that can meet all of your specific service needs.
  5. Begin the publishing process.
    You can begin the process of publishing your dream project once you’ve decided on a publishing business. It is necessary to collaborate with the publishing staff.
  6. Marketing and promotion.
    Once your book is published, market it to your target demographic. Make sure your intended audience understands what your book is about and why they should read it.

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