Book Review – Autobiography of Kalki by Ram H. Peswani

Book: Autobiography of Kalki
Author: Ram H Peswani

Blurb: This book is the journey of a person who questions the existence of God at the start and totally believes in science. He questions himself until he directly experiences it personally. This is the autobiography of Kalki. Kalki is the tenth avatar in Sanatan Dharma. He has personally experienced and dealt with ghosts, and he believes they are in his body. The meaning of Kalkis’s role is explained in detail. In Kaliyug. The author firmly believes that his body is being made to perform the role of the tenth avtar, Kalki, and this book gives many details of that experience.


“Kalki’s Quest” is a deeply philosophical and spiritual autobiography that takes readers on a transformative journey from scepticism about the existence of God to profound personal experiences that reinforce his faith in Sanatan Dharma and the concept of Kalki, the tenth avatar in Hinduism. Authored by Ram Peswani, a successful industrialist turned spiritual seeker, this book delves into the realms of metaphysics, human evolution, and mysticism, offering a unique perspective on faith and belief.

The narrative begins with an introduction to the author, Ram Peswani, an 86-year-old retired industrialist who has spent over three decades in meditation and spiritual exploration. With a background in mechanical engineering and post-graduation in electronics, metallurgy, and electrical engineering, Ram’s journey from the corporate world to the spiritual realm is nothing short of remarkable.

The book unfolds as a personal odyssey, where Ram Peswani embarks on a quest to explore the concept of divinity and the existence of God. At the outset, he admits to having doubts about the existence of a higher power and is firmly rooted in a scientific understanding of the world. This initial scepticism forms the foundation of the book, setting the stage for a profound transformation that takes place over the course of his life.

What makes “Kalki’s Quest” truly captivating is Ram’s honest and introspective narrative. His willingness to question and doubt, even in the face of his spiritual pursuits, is a testament to his intellectual integrity. He does not shy away from the contradictions between science and spirituality but confronts them head-on. This authenticity makes the book highly relatable to readers who may have grappled with similar doubts and questions.

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The central theme of this autobiography revolves around Kalki, the prophesied tenth avatar in Sanatan Dharma. Ram Peswani passionately describes his personal encounters with the mystical and metaphysical aspects of this avatar’s role in the present age, Kaliyug. He details his experiences with ghosts, an aspect that might challenge the beliefs of many, but his earnest accounts draw readers into his world. These encounters eventually lead him to the conclusion that he is the chosen vessel for the role of Kalki, a revelation that he embraces with conviction.

The book provides a comprehensive exploration of Kalki’s role in the context of Hindu eschatology and delves into the details of his mission during the current era. Ram’s deep dive into this topic allows readers to gain a profound understanding of the spiritual significance of Kalki’s avatar and its relevance in today’s world.

One of the most significant strengths of this autobiography is its accessibility. While the subject matter is undeniably spiritual and philosophical, Ram Peswani’s writing is clear and free from jargon, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, regardless of their familiarity with Hinduism or spiritual concepts. He successfully strikes a balance between sharing complex metaphysical experiences and providing an engaging narrative that keeps readers invested in his journey.

As the book progresses, it becomes evident that “Kalki’s Quest” is not just a personal exploration but a profound commentary on spirituality, faith, and the coexistence of science and religion. The author invites readers to consider the possibility of a deeper spiritual reality, even in today’s increasingly secular world.

In the latter part of the book, Ram Peswani embraces his role as Kalki and offers insights into the spiritual awakening and transformation that this realisation has brought into his life. His experiences serve as a testament to the idea that faith can be a dynamic and ever-evolving force that enriches one’s existence.

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“Kalki’s Quest” also addresses the significance of family and social interactions. Despite his deep spiritual experiences, Ram Peswani remains firmly rooted in his family life. His story emphasises the importance of striking a balance between spiritual pursuits and familial responsibilities.

In conclusion, “Kalki’s Quest” is a thought-provoking autobiography that narrates an extraordinary journey from scepticism to profound belief. Ram Peswani’s authenticity, coupled with his willingness to explore the intersection of science and spirituality, creates a compelling narrative. The book offers a unique perspective on the concept of Kalki and its relevance in contemporary times, making it a must-read for those interested in the realms of faith, mysticism, and self-discovery.

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