Book Review – Life can be beautiful a book by Sunil Gupta

Book – Life can be Beautiful
Author – Sunil Gupta

Blurb – Life can be Beautiful is a cute love story of a father and his 6-year-old daughter. As a father, Sanjay tries to give his best to his loving daughter Anju despite all odds that come his way.

The story highlights on the best Diwali they celebrate even when their house is in darkness.

The turmoils in Sanjay’s life, how he overcomes them, how his friends and family help him for the noble cause he starts. It is a beautiful journey of Anju from her childhood to her dream of being a NASA Scientist.

The story strongly emphasises on Sanjay’s thoughts that “Every child deserves to be given an opportunity to grow and be happy.”

Review – “Life is Beautiful” a quote so bitter yet so true. Life is indeed beautiful if we all will stop reading in between the lines.

In this beautiful book, “Life can be beautiful” is a love story. A love story that teaches us sacrifice, a love story that teaches us the importance of balance, a love story that isn’t the same as others, the purest, the most peaceful… this is a love story of a father and a daughter.

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Written and presented in the simplest form of writing with so many raw emotions peeking from the underlying tones of each and every line.

The story starts with a normal domestic setting of a family of four. Moreover, the jump to the past when Sanjay and Anju meet again…it establishes their relationship and bond as father and daughter.

‘India’s cutest love story’ says Sunil Gupta and indeed, it is. From the innocence of a daughter to a father’s sacred love for her, “Life Can Be Beautiful” is a touching tale of a devoted father and his precious daughter. Sanjay, a single dad, goes above and beyond to ensure that his 6-year-old, Anju, is loved and cherished, no matter what obstacles come their way.

On the most magical night of the year, Diwali, the two celebrate the holiday with a special twist, despite being surrounded by darkness in their home. Throughout the story, we see Sanjay face numerous difficulties, but he is never alone, as he is surrounded by loving friends and family who stand by him as he sets out on a noble mission.

As Anju grows, we see her dream of becoming a NASA scientist take shape, a journey that is made all the more special by the unwavering support of her father.

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This touching story reminds us that every child deserves the chance to be happy and to reach for their dreams, and that the love of a parent can conquer all.

“Life Can Be Beautiful” is a beautiful journey of love, perseverance, and the special bond between a father and daughter that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

If you want to know what love really is and how beautiful it can be, this is the perfect book for you to read.

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