Book Review: The Settled Homeless a Book by Rover V.

Book: “The Settled Homeless” 
Author: Rover V.

Blurb: In this novel, Dr. Theodore Rae, a renowned name in the upper echelon of global academics, depicts his world as he saw it. 

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Ted’s personal life was in shambles from his early childhood. He grew up in the shelter of a prestigious residential school and then attended a premier engineering institute in India. Both helped him earn due recognition for his prodigious scholastic capabilities but did not plant their roots in that country’s soil. 

Since the time he set out for his doctoral and postdoctoral studies in the USA, Providence has turned Ted into a truly global citizen. 

The saga is full of remarkable personalities, insightful observations, and intriguing viewpoints. It lifts the veil of myths, enveloping the extraordinary personae akin to Ted and revealing the simple humans hidden underneath. Distancing these awe-inspiring characters with respect and reverence is proven to be a mistake since it is so easy for anybody to relate to their intrinsically simple woes.

Review: What if there was a world where facts were more important than myths? Theodore Rae was at the top of the global academic hierarchy but lonely somewhere in his life. The novel, vividly written by a true global citizen, describes the event-filled trip of a well-known but wandering scholar around the world until he finds contentment

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Ted always worked hard in every possible way and achieved so much—he received numerous awards and encomiums during his solitary voyage through several elite institutions spanning lands and seas. 

The remarkable scholar, who had been homeless and lonely since childhood, was regarded by most as extraordinarily successful in many ways. Nothing gave him a permanent sense of fulfilment

Ted’s exciting job kept him unconscious of his insatiable wants, leaving his life without any direction or purpose despite all his skills and triumphs. He didn’t understand why he was motivated more by events than by his own unconscious goals.

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But even when he had everything, he still lacked something—a touch of love, comfort, and compassion. He often wondered what exactly he needed—he was known, smart, and had a global personality, yet his lonely lifestyle made him question his being.

Ted didn’t realise how much his heart craved the warmth, caring, and the loving company he had always missed until Nelly came into his life. He realised this as he watched her love construct a home for them to live in together.

The story reminds me of the relationship between Sheldon and Penny—the dynamic is so pure and blended so well with the story. Their personalities are different and therefore complement each other. The simplicity of the love story in Ted’s story was so comforting, with both of them trying to understand each other’s personalities and adjusting while slowly falling in love.

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“The Settled Homeless” is a beautiful story; distancing these awe-inspiring characters from respect and regard has shown to be a mistake, as anybody can identify with their innately basic wealth and misery.

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