How much will it cost to publish a Book in India?

You have written your book, and wondering how much will it cost to publish a book? There are two pathways to publishing your book. You can either go for traditional publishing or self-publishing your book.

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Traditional Publishing involves publishing your book through traditional publishing houses. Traditional publishing requires you to finish your book and develop a proposal before submitting them to a publishing house (or, if possible, have a literary agent do it for you). An editor reads it to see whether it is appropriate for that house and whether it should be rejected or published. When a publisher gives an author a contract, the publisher prints, publishes, and sells your work through bookshops and other merchants. The publisher effectively purchases the right to publish your work and pays you royalties from sales.

Self-Publishing your book means that you will choose the publishing house where you want to get it published. Depending on the sort of publication or platform you go for, you can choose from various packages regarding editing, format, and types of distribution. In this scenario, you are responsible for all expenses. The key benefits of self-publishing are that you have complete control over when your book is published, you get to keep all rights to your work, and you receive 100% of the profits.

What services take up the major expense in publishing?

While there is a major difference between traditional and self-publishing houses but some services like editing, cover designing, formatting, and marketing are common in all and therefore take up the major expense quota in the publishing packages.

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  • For editing, you need to understand your manuscript’s need. You need to analyse your manuscript as to what it really requires, according to it you can cut your costs. Editing charges are majorly based on wordcount; for an instance, an approx. of 60k word count would cost you 30k to 60k depending on the cost. The current average cost is 90 paisa per word for quality work.
  • For cover designs, your theme is your helping hand. You need to understand what you want to convey through your cover page. The range goes from 4k upto 50k depending on the quality of the pictures. If you’re working with copyright free images, it can be of 4k but if there is the need to design the cover from scratch (graphics, animation, etc.), the cost can be 50k and beyond too.
  • For formatting, the interior should be as pretty as the exterior – therefore talking about per page minimum cost is Rs 30 while the minimum charges for the service is Rs 1000/-. The maximum can depend on what all is included in your file (images, bar codes, etc).
  • For marketing, the rage is from 5k to 30k and up depending on what all will be provided to you (amazon, flipkart, social media services, book launches, websites, posters, billboards, pamphlets, etc).

In the packages that you’ll be opting in your chosen publishing house would include these services and sometimes you may need to opt for them. 

cost to publish a book - Publish a book for free

Cost of self-publishing your book will depend on your budget. All the self-publishing houses provide several packages depending on the kind of services you would require and your budget.

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The options for packages can be roughly divided into these categories based on the price ranges:

  1. Packages in the range of 7k to 9k
    These packages generally don’t involve extensive editing, and you would need to take care of it on your own. The formats available are black and white in Paperback or e-book format (no hardcovers). They may provide a basic cover design. Distribution is limited to just within India. These packages are a good fit for low budgets, and when you are ready to edit and market your book on your own.
  2. Packages in the range of 13k to 20k
    Depending on the publishing house you choose packages in this range usually include paperback and e-book formats. They may also provide basic marketing of your book on amazon. You get the copyright for your book and your royalty usually ranges from 70% to 100%. You might also have the option for up to 5 complimentary author copies. These packages usually provide global distribution on Amazon and Flipkart.
  3. Packages in the range of 22k to 30k
    Packages in this range usually provide basic editing and proofreading assistance. The formats include hardcover as well as paperbacks and e-books. They might provide multiple cover design revisions. The number of free author copies may be up to 10. It involves global distribution on Amazon and Flipkart. You usually have 100% royalty. They may include marketing on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Packages in the range of 40k to 100k
    These packages usually come with more benefits such as full assistance with extensive editing and proofreading with multiple revisions. The format would include paperback, hardcover and e-books. They include a premium cover design. These packages include marketing on online as well as offline media releases. It would include book reviews and author reviews on multiple social media platforms as well. You will receive free author copies may be up to 20. The distribution is global on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online platforms. 

Create & Publish Your Book For Free

Self-publishing your book has a lot of benefits. One advantage of self-publishing is that your book will reach the market faster than it would through established means. Because of the internet, you could (theoretically) finish a book today and publish it online tomorrow.

When you publish with one of the major publishing houses, you must satisfy the needs of several parties, including editors, marketers, and designers. Self-publishing, on the other hand, allows you to develop and control your content every step of the process. 

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Not only you choose the text and cover art, but you can also publish your material in any format you like, from booklets to workbooks to multi-book series. You also receive larger royalties on your book. In this way, self-publishing your book may be cost-effective.

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