Book Review of Heartbeats and Road Routes a Book by Bindu Chelat

Book – Of Heartbeats and Road Routes – 12 unforgettable cab diaries of innocence, nostalgia, and bonding
Author – Bindu Chelat

Blurb – While the regular cab routine may just seem monotonous to everyday cab-goers, this author tried to make her trips museful by seeking for stories in her many trips assimilating her morning routine, nature’s dynamism, changing auras, winding streets and most importantly the cabbie! 

Deroute away from your regular day towards a destination of laughter, simplicity, emotions & tales of life as penned down not just from a writer’s perspective, but that of a traveller, not across the globe, but through the very local streets between home & work. 

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These 12 riveting cab notes, shortlisted from a 100 more, are sure to leave you smiling and pensive. Amidst frustrating cancellations & unavoidable reroutes, maybe life is just desirous to enhance your journey! The best stories need not come from prodigious experiences, but from daily lives as we route through our turns, embracing the moment whilst capturing its essence, just like in Bindu Chelat’s cab diaries titled “Of Heartbeats & Road Routes”.

Review – The compilation of 12 stories which are all connected to drives in cabs are quite alluring. They are simple, raw, natural, thoughts and emotions that showcase a normal life story of human. These stories are not of the author but the stories they heard. 

Taking detour from your ordinary day to a destination of fun, simplicity, emotions, and life stories written not just from a writer’s perspective, but from the perspective of a traveller, not across the globe, but via the very local streets between home and work. 

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Each cab story is narrated by the author but all it says that how the cab driver was, how they were with her. 

The stories are beautiful as they tell what all they see and go through in a day – cab drivers meet hundreds of people a day and each person is different; some are inviting while others are just straight up rude, some are quiet while some are extremely chatty but some people just get in beautiful conversations with the drivers that it makes them remember each other.

For some, the author felt sympathetic while some drivers were way too relatable. Each story starts with the quote that justifies the situation marvellously then an image and then the story. Each story leaves a mark on the author and therefore became a part of the author’s book. 

The stories are so intriguing and a pleasant experience that even makes my heart move as a reader.

If you are interested in reading random destined stories – this is the book to read.

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Happy Reading!

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