Book Review: Nibba Nibbi a Book by Author Nikhil John.

Book – Nibba Nibbi
Author – Nikhil John

Blurb – “Nibba-Nibbi” itself is a mirror of the lives of youngsters. Nikhil has expounded most of the anticipated and unexpected events of one’s life in this book. The title seems to be very catapulting, as it has the sense to draw the attention of teenagers. The prelude has so much charm and emotion that anyone will willingly follow the poet through the dreams that lead him from a Nibba to a Sigma.

He bequeaths his body to the worms and beetles and urges his tomb to be raised above her after his breakup. It is quite evident to witness the sentiments evolving. The behavioural aspects of human beings, viz., pain, poignancy, solitude, and familiarity, are projected to the readers in a magnificent way. 

The youthful poet Nikhil John has perfectly put the task to execution when he goes on to scale the young generation on his parameters of perception in this present period. ‘Nibba-Nibbi’ is here to win the hearts of a million youth and teenagers, especially lovers and broken-hearted ones, and it would surely fascinate young minds too.

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Review – Nibba Nibbi, a book by Nikhil John, is a collection of poems that explores the lives of young people in modern society. The author has succeeded in capturing the essence of youth through his poetry, expressing the pain, poignancy, solitude, and familiarity that many people experience during this stage of life.

The book’s title, Nibba Nibbi, is an intriguing one that draws the reader’s attention immediately. The word “Nibba” is a slang term used by young people in India to refer to a close friend, while “Nibbi” is the female counterpart of the term. The title is apt, as the poems in the book reflect the lives of young people and the relationships they form with their friends and loved ones.

The book is divided into several sections, each of which focuses on a different aspect of youth. The first poem, titled “Lust less Love,” is a captivating first poem of the book. The author uses vivid imagery to describe his thoughts about a girl he saw for the first time.

The book is filled with poems that reflect the ups and downs of love, friendship, and life. 

These poems are powerful expression of the pain that many young people feel when they experience the rollercoaster of emotions in their life as a young adult. The author’s use of vivid imagery and metaphor makes the poems all the more poignant.

One of the most interesting poem is “Sedulous suitor” which oozes boderline sensuality with a hint of calmness. The poem describes a romantic evening between two lovers sitting on a wooden bench in a park. The poem’s protagonist shares a cigarette and a cup of tea with their partner while embracing her, feeling the scent of her hair. The setting is tranquil and calming, with nature surrounding them.

The speaker then expresses their passion for their partner, saying that her skin breathes for them. The partner responds with affection, calling the speaker “dumbo” and telling them that her soul breathes for them. This exchange seems to deepen their connection.

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The book also explores the theme of identity. 

Another poem that grabs the readers’ attention is “She still Loves me“. The poem is a short and sweet expression of the speaker’s longing to rekindle a past relationship with someone who still loves them. The use of repetition in the first two lines, “But she still loves me/ I want to get her back,” emphasizes the speaker’s desire and determination to make things work.

The imagery of the phone calls, text messages, and late-night video calls creates a sense of nostalgia and longing for the intimacy and connection the couple once shared. The mention of coffee and cigarettes adds to the romantic and bittersweet tone of the poem, as it suggests that the couple used to enjoy the simple pleasures of life together.

The phrase “Every single puff of life” is a powerful metaphor for the enjoyment and appreciation of life’s small moments, which the couple used to share. The speaker’s conviction that their former partner still loves them is reinforced by the description of their eyes having “a story to announce the love,” which suggests that their love is visible and undeniable.

One of the most impressive aspects of Nibba Nibbi is the author’s use of language. Nikhil John has a gift for writing poetry that is both beautiful and accessible. His use of metaphor and imagery is subtle but powerful, and his poems are easy to understand without sacrificing depth or complexity. This is a difficult balance to achieve, but Nikhil John has done it admirably.

Another notable aspect of the book is its relevance to young people today. The themes explored in Nibba Nibbi are ones that many young people can relate to, such as heartbreak, loneliness, and identity. The book is sure to resonate with many readers, especially those who are going through similar experiences.

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In conclusion, Nibba Nibbi is an excellent book that explores the lives of young people in modern society. The book’s poems are powerful expressions of the pain, poignancy, solitude, and familiarity that many young people experience. Nikhil John’s use of language is impressive, and his ability to write poetry that is both beautiful and accessible is commendable. Nibba Nibbi is sure to win the hearts of a million youth and teenagers, especially lovers and broken-hearted ones, and it would surely fascinate young minds too.

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