Book Review: Take Care a Book by Saumya S Grover

Book – Take Care
Author – Saumya S Grover

Blurb – Just two words “Take Care”, but a whole lot of meaning! On average, one human being says this word more than 20 times. “Take care” is not just a word but an emotion to show that we are really concerned. Take care not only of your physical health but also of your emotional health.

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“Take Care” talks about the issues that today’s youth face. From parents’ support to career stress, from childhood to adulthood, From first love to heartbreaks, from self-love to “I am enough,” and many more. We all face these issues while growing up and don’t realise that we are not the only ones to face them alone. 

That’s why it’s important to know about these issues so that if we are going through something, we can heal ourselves.

Review: When the whole world is crashing down on you, do you save the world or yourself? The obvious answer is yourself, but the heroic complexion that we humans have somehow spells our doom.

We have lost sight of the importance of self-care as we have grown older. Each stage of our lives significantly impacts the future “us,” but only if we are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. We don’t often know that when we speak this word to someone, we are truly upsetting them.

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This sentence can be used to start a new conversation or to finish an existing one. Sometimes it stays with us as a motivator, and other times it just adds to our sorrow. When we say “take care,” it is because we are extremely concerned and also because we want them to be more vigilant. 

Sometimes it merely shows that we care about them, and other times all we need is someone to listen to us.

- A Book By Saumya S Grover

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I enjoyed the author’s thought process and resonating instances that made me understand her and myself. She is a professor, mother, wife, friend, and, now, a writer. Writing a book that teaches people to take care of themselves is an amazing step to letting people know that it’s okay when sometimes your life is a blunder. 

Just go to sleep and wake up the next day with a fresh mindset to work that blunder into a sorted mess because obviously a not-messed-up life cannot be made in one day.

The author believes that these two words, “take care,” aren’t just words; they are emotions that express our concern and empathy towards someone we know. Sometimes simple phrases like “take care,” “hope you get well soon,” “how are you?” and “you’re glowing” affect someone’s life for the better. 

It’s amazing how these words with only a few emotions can have such a big impact on someone who is looking for hope or appreciation.

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The titles of the chapters are intriguing and amusing too: “Headache? “No, it’s heartbreak!” “God…Why me?” and “How do you do it?” are two of my favourites. The best part is that this book “Take Care” is for anyone and everyone; it’s filled with raw emotions and amusing situations. I highly recommend this book and one more thing…

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Take Care!

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