Book Review: Realization Makes Improvement a Book by Tamanna Khan

Book – Realization Makes Improvement  
Author – 
Tamanna Khan

Blurb – This motivational book talks about the uneven lifestyle that we all go through on a daily basis and how we should overcome it by realizing and improving, because when there is realization, there is improvement, and how to be guided whenever we get muddleheaded. 

In this book, there are many poetic devices that have been used for comparing human life with nature’s life, as it depicts that we get mature just like nature. It also talks about how we can get guidance toward our goal if there is no one to guide us, and by realizing and improving, we can make our dream come true. 

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Book Review – Life is an uneven journey that we all go through on a daily basis. We encounter a range of emotions, experiences, and challenges that shape us into who we are today. In her motivational book, “Realization Makes Improvement,” Tamanna Khan guides readers on how to overcome the ups and downs of life by realizing and improving oneself. 

She uses poetic devices to compare human life with nature’s life, depicting how we mature just like nature. The book offers guidance on how to achieve our goals when there is no one to guide us.

We often feel worthless and upset because we get so confused and stuck in seeing others doing better than us that we lose our own concept of achieving a goal. We get immersed in this worldly life and want to acquire everything, even though we may not be suited for those things in many ways. 

We tend to focus more on things that everybody wants, but not on what has already been made for us. However, the only thing that we can do is discover our talent. It is not an easy task, as it is like finding a pearl in a shell and then engraving it on a marble, which is our soul. But, discovering our talent is crucial if we want to make our dreams come true.

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Tamanna Khan also emphasizes the importance of realizing and improving oneself. We often get muddle-headed and lost, and it becomes challenging to find our way back. However, realization can help us overcome these challenges. 

Realization is an essential part of growth and improvement. When we realize our weaknesses and strengths, we can work on them to improve ourselves. Improvement does not happen overnight, but it is a gradual process that requires hard work and dedication.

The book also talks about how to be guided when there is no person to guide us. We all have dreams and goals, but sometimes, we do not have someone to guide us on how to achieve them. However, Khan advises readers to be their own guides. 

When we are lost and have no one to turn to, we can turn to ourselves. We can look within and find the guidance we need. It requires self-awareness and self-reflection, but it is possible.

Failure is not a person who fails but a person who makes decisions and never finishes them. We often fear failure and avoid taking risks, but it is important to understand that failure is a part of the process. We cannot succeed without failing. Failure helps us learn and grow. It teaches us valuable lessons that we can use in the future.

Author Tamanna Khan also talks about the importance  of being thankful to God whenever there is endowment and not being avaricious. There is a difference between being greedy and being passionate. Being greedy does not mean being passionate, and being passionate does not mean being greedy. 

It is essential to have a healthy balance between passion and greed. We should be passionate about our dreams and goals but not at the expense of others. We should be grateful for what we have and not focus on what we do not have.

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Life is full of ups and downs, and we will experience both weal and woes. However, to be satisfied, we have to realize and get absorbed to improve to discover ourselves in decent yet different ways by being real, hard worker and loyal in accomplishing our dream. 

We have to be patient and trust the process. We have to work hard, but we also have to take care of ourselves. Self-care is an essential part of growth and improvement. We cannot improve if we are not taking care of ourselves.

The writing style of “Realization Makes Improvement” by Tamanna Khan is clear, concise, and easy to understand. The author uses simple language and avoids using complicated jargon, which makes it accessible to a wide range of readers. The book is written in a conversational tone, which makes it feel like the author is speaking directly to the reader.

One notable aspect of the writing style is the use of poetic devices, such as metaphors, similes, and imagery. These devices help to enhance the overall message of the book and make it more engaging for the reader. However, at times, the use of these devices can be a bit excessive, and it may be difficult for some readers to follow the flow of the message.

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Another strength of the writing style is the use of practical advice and real-life examples. The author provides clear guidance on how to overcome challenges and achieve goals, making the book not only motivational but also helpful for readers to apply the advice in their own lives.

All in all, “Realization Makes Improvement” is an excellent motivational book that offers valuable guidance on how to overcome the challenges of life. It is a book that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their background or life experiences.   

The book is well-written, easy to understand, and filled with practical advice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for guidance and motivation in their life journey.

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