Book Review – An Undying Hope a Book by Charul Dhingra.

Book – An Undying Hope 
Author – Charul Dhingra

Blurb – Evelyn loves her husband and their three children. She loves her conversations with God. She is an Irish journalist staying in New York with her husband, John Walsh, an investment banker with a big firm. 

They are a happy family until, one day, all hell breaks loose. When she discovers her husband’s infidelity, Evelyn feels like she’s been stabbed. 

After they part ways, Evelyn learns that her three children are too naive to take on the world. She knows that she needs to teach her children to live their dreams. 

What she does not know is that she only has a few sunrises to watch. She knows she will sail through. What she does not know is that a bomb blast could possibly heal her wounds and cover her scars. 

She knows her road to recovery is a road less traveled. What she does not know is that ‘an undying hope’ is far more powerful than the frets and fumes. 

‘An Undying Hope’ is how magic happens in life only if you keep believing that the universe has your back and keep your faith intact irrespective of the circumstances. 

It is not just a story but a message to the world that the threads of hope are often fragile. We should not let even the gentlest breezes blow them apart.

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Book Review – An Undying Hope by Charul Dhingra is an emotional and heart-warming novel that takes the reader on a journey of love, loss, and redemption. The story is centered around the life of Evelyn, an Irish journalist, who has to navigate the tumultuous waters of infidelity, divorce, and raising her children as a single parent.

The novel is divided into four parts, each of which chronicles a significant phase of Evelyn’s life. The first part introduces the reader to Evelyn and her family. We get a glimpse into her happy life, her conversations with God, and her strong relationship with her husband, John Walsh. 

However, this happy life is soon shattered when Evelyn discovers her husband’s infidelity, leaving her feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

The second part of the novel explores the aftermath of the divorce and the challenges Evelyn faces in raising her children alone. The author does a brilliant job of depicting the struggles of a single mother trying to balance work and family life. Through her characters, she highlights the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

The third part of the novel takes a dramatic turn when Evelyn becomes a victim of a bomb blast. The author vividly describes the physical and emotional trauma that Evelyn experiences, and how she is forced to re-evaluate her priorities and rediscover herself.

The final part of the novel is all about hope and redemption. Evelyn’s journey of self-discovery and healing is inspiring, and the author’s message of never giving up on hope is beautifully portrayed.

One of the strongest aspects of the novel is its characters. The author has done an excellent job of creating multi-dimensional and relatable characters. Evelyn is a strong and resilient protagonist, who is easy to root for. Her three children, Liam, Conor, and Maeve, are also well fleshed out, and their individual journeys of growth and self-discovery are equally engaging.

The writing style of the author is simple yet poignant. The dialogues are well-crafted, and the descriptions are vivid, allowing the reader to easily visualize the scenes. The author’s use of Irish dialect and phrases adds a layer of authenticity to the story and its setting.

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The theme of undying hope is beautifully woven throughout the novel. The author’s message of staying hopeful even in the darkest of times is both powerful and uplifting. 

The novel highlights the importance of family, faith, and community, and how they can provide a source of strength and support in times of crisis.

So we can say that, Undying Hope is a beautiful and inspiring novel that will resonate with readers who have faced adversity and come out stronger. 

The characters are relatable, the writing is engaging, and the message of hope is powerful. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for an emotional and heart-warming read.

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