How can Pinterest be a great platform for Authors?

Finding a balance between actual writing and all of the online promotion can be difficult for writers. But the question is: Can Pinterest help you achieve your writing objectives? If an author has a successful book or two, they can use that as a platform to teach other writers how to have successful books.

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Teaching people how to write, market, and publish a book is practical and meets a need. This type of content will almost always win out over simple book marketing, whether on Pinterest or in general, because it solves a problem. Therefore just like this, many people are also teaching a few tips and creating moodboards for making the writing process easier for the budding writers.

You may have also noticed that when you search for something in Google, it sometimes redirects you to Pinterest. Another significant advantage of having content on Pinterest over other social media platforms is that it provides a great web presence with only a fraction of the effort.

Pinterest allows authors to create pins and boards. Boards are curated collections of pins grouped together under a single title, similar to bookmarks. 

Pinterest’s comprehensive search algorithm and post suggestions based on what pins you’re viewing can also assist authors in their research for character names, looks, or settings. 

Pinterest has a tool called ‘idea pins’, which are being pushed into people’s feeds. Idea pins can be a collection of videos or images, similar to an Instagram story. To reach the right audience, you can also write notes and tag related topics. 

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How Pinterest can help you in writing your novel?

Just like hashtags in every social media, Pinterest has ideas (Photos, videos, gifs, etc.) that can help in the ideation process. Here are few points that could help you ease into the process of writing your novel.

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  1. Find character inspirations to connect the character to the reader. How do they look? What makes them different? It will further help you in constructing their characteristics and personality. A character brainstorming board is another option. If you encounter a photo of someone you find fascinating or inspiring, add it to the board for later use. When I want to undertake a writing exercise, I frequently return to this board.
  2. Is your novel set in a place you’ve never visited? Do you need ideas for your next book’s settings? Make a map of the area!
    Pinterest is full with travel photographs and guides, so there’s a strong chance you’ll find high-resolution photos of your destination. You may even come across travel guides, which are quite useful for discovering local favourite sites. This will give your story a more authentic feel.
  3. Make use of your character’s interests. Do they enjoy geek culture? Pin phrases from their favourite movies or goods that they may purchase. Do they enjoy wearing makeup? Make some Pinterest boards and populate them with cosmetic tutorials or things they might utilise.
  4. Is your protagonist getting married? Make a Pinterest board for their wedding. Are they relocating to a new home? Interior design board, complete. This is an excellent method to flesh out and humanise your character. This allows you to create more authentic personalities.
  5. Sections are a relatively new Pinterest feature that is a godsend for super-organized authors. Assume you’ve made a character board for your protagonist. To keep things organised, separate areas for their attire, hair, interests, favourite quotes, important items, and so on. Sections can also be used to plot data. If your character goes through a significant life shift, you may want to separate the before and after sections. Perhaps even the while. So why not? The options are limitless.
  6. ‘Behind the scenes’ theme boards: Being behind the scenes allows readers to meet the author and learn about what drives them. Theme boards are a collection of boards regarding broad interests, such as favourite authors, recipes, weekend activities, quotes, workout regimens, inspirational role models, travel, and so on. What setting does your story take place in? Pin images from that city, town, or nation to bring that plot to life. Did you make the setting up? Images of places that remind you of the world you built can be pinned.
How Pinterest can help you in writing your novel

How to build your brand as an Author on Pinterest?

You’re an author who wants to sell your books, hence you’re a business! Because Pinterest now allows for business accounts, you’ll want to be sure you create a company account rather than a personal one!

  1. Start with a Pinterest business account
  2. Optimize your profile for your author brand
  3. Include your profile essentials when using Pinterest for authors
  4. Understand boards vs. pins
  5. Don’t get overwhelmed
  6. Create your key author boards
  7. Tap into the power of pins
  8. Use essential Pinterest tools

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Pinterest is truly a one-of-a-kind social media site. It allows your material to readily appear in Google search results and allows you to establish a following directly on the platform by users seeing and sharing your pins on their own boards. Pinterest is a platform that should not be disregarded.

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