Expert Publishing v/s DIY Publishing: How to Choose

Want to know the difference between DIY Publishing V/S Expert Publishing of BlueRoseONE. Publishing a book is a dream that many writers dream of. Starting from small articles or blogs to being parts of writing competitions and anthologies lead them to write their own book and publish it. 

While Traditional publishing was a huge centre of attraction in times before but now the Self-publishing has taken the lead as it allows the writers to take a lead in the publication process. It allows them to understand the process and even be a part of it. It helps them introspect their writing as well as teaches them a few pointers that they must have left in the previous process.

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BlueRose Publishers is an experienced and well-organized self-publishing company located in the country’s urban centre, determined to deliver the best services for book publication. 

Our professional team members assist you in establishing expectations, timetables, and budgets, as well as handling all of your publication needs such as editing, design, distribution, and marketing, to ensure you achieve the success you deserve. 

We publish in all genres and languages and do our best to provide our authors with the finest possibilities to reach the biggest potential audience. 

Our publishing packages range from FREE to Rs.1,74,990. As a result, everyone can find a package that fits their budget. These packages can be divided into two categories: DIY and Expert

Create & Publish Your Book For Free


BlueroseONE’s Do-It-Yourself packages are an affordable solution for publishing your book. These packages are best for small books that don’t require expert guidance, where the author can handle the publication process on their own. You would edit your own bookdesign the cover, and market it. You will be provided help if or when you’d need guidance anywhere in the process. It helps you become your own army and spread your story to the world.

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Under the DIY section we offer the authors three DIY Packages:

  1. Basic DIY:
    Cost – Free
    Services – It allows you to publish your book as an eBook or Paperback. It is recommended for small poetry collections or a thesis. You would sell your book through the BlueRose store. It doesn’t include listing on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  2. Popular DIY:
    Cost – Rs. 5,990
    Services – Through this package, you can publish your book as an eBook or Paperback. The added benefit of this package is that you will be able to reach a wider audience through Amazon and Flipkart. We recommend this package for novels and non-fiction books.
  3. Global DIY:
    Cost – Rs. 8,990
    Services – This package again allows you to publish your book as an eBook or Paperback. The added benefit of this package is that you could reach global audience. Your book will be listed on global stores, and you will be able to sell your book internationally.
expert publishing v/s diy publishing


Our Expert packages provides you a team of a publishing manager, editor, designer, typographer, marketing executives, etc. based on the package you choose. The basic difference between DIY and Expert package is that it takes a considerable amount of load off your shoulders, while ensuring that your book goes through a process of polishing. 

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You would still of course take the major decisions and decide the shape that your book takes. There are six expert packages based on the services that we provide:

  1. Basic:
    Cost – 21,990
    Services – With this package, you can publish your book in Paperback and eBook format. You will get a Publishing Manager, publishing Consultant, Designing and Marketing assistance. Your book will be listed nationally. You get up to 1 cover design revision. Editing and Proofreading are not included.
  2. Basic Plus:
    Cost – 24,990
    Services – This package too comes with all the services of basic package. The added benefit is that it includes copyright, standard formatting till 200 pages, and Facebook Ad campaign for 7 days, and Google and Facebook page setup. This means better reach and marketing for your book.
  3. Essential:
    Cost – 32,990
    Services – This package along with the guidance of the publishing, marketing and designing team, provides many other benefits. Along with paperback, and eBook, your book will also be published in ePub. Your book will be listed nationally as well as globally. In addition will also receive a 7-day Facebook Ad campaign, and 15 day Instagram campaign. Thus, you will reach a wider audience. You will also get an online press release, and an author website. You would also receive up to 2 revisions for cover design, and enhanced formatting and beautification.
  4. Popular:
    Cost – 59,990
    Services – This package comes with added benefits to the previous package. Along with national and global distribution, this package also comes with bookstore listing in 1 city. It also gives you Amazon-prime distribution for 6 months. It also provides you a video trailer, 1 month of amazon sponsorship and YouTube promotion. You also receive an added benefit of 1 layer of editing and proofreading. It also gives you an option to publish your book in colour.
  5. Premium:
    Cost – 1,19,990
    Services – It gives you the option to publish your book in Hardcover too. This package come with the added benefit of 2 layers of editing and up to 3 cover design revisions. It provides you the option for bookstore listing in 2 cities, online media release on up to 40 news portals, and offline press release in 1 newspaper. It gives you 15 days ad campaigns on YouTube, Facebook as well as Instagram.
  6. Premium Plus:
    Cost – 1,74,990
    Services – This package includes a book launch, online media release and offline media release in 3 leading newspapers. It gives you 90-day ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, bumper ads for 1 month and email campaigns. It also provides you up to 5 cover design revisions. It also gives you an option for Amazon author page setup.

Alongside these packages, we offer certain add-ons if you’d like to take – substantive editing, advance typography, add on of a few extra days on the social media campaigns, translation and typing service, and many more. We provide you a publishing consultant that will help you coordinate and choose the suitable package in the pre publishing process.


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We will be thrilled to have you on board and help you publish your work and tell a story that has never been told before.
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