Book Review – Forever January : A Book by Srijla Guha

Book Title: Forever January
Author: Srijla Guha
A message from the author…
So let me just get it straight and not make it rhyme! Let us all love ourselves enough to accept our choices.- Love ourselves enough to not be scared of the things that we think will threaten the prospect of us finding something real. How many of us have lost real love, real acceptance, real care, real friendship in the fear of bad reputation? In the fear of “what will they think about me?” Why keep losing something real for something so fake as rumors and gossips? Let us love ourselves enough to accept what we are and what we want for the world to accept what we are and what we want. Let us love ourselves enough to let in what is real for we deserve nothing less.

Forever January : A Book by Srijla Guha - Book Review

Forever January is an alluring poetry book written by Srijla Guha. The book hold the theme of small natural elements of life and relates it to an epic love that makes you feel all sorts of emotions. This collection of poetry makes you float through each and every word that conveys each and every emotion with intricacy. 

The poet merely conveys a simple fact that falling in love and feeling all those beautiful euphoric emotions is nothing but a journey for a quest where the treasure can either be love or a lesson.

The poet Srijla Guha has used an interesting blend of rhyming and free verses that creates a magical aura for the person who reads. The theme is all about love, passion, sensuality, and maturity – the poems let the readers give in to the feeling that are expressed in the verses. They talk about love as a person; they talk about love as a colour; they talk about love as a season; they talk about love as a promise – love has many shades and faces yet we fall for the simplest one – person. 

Reading Forever January was a journey so grey – it had it’s happy moments, it had it’s sad moments but the highlight was when each poem ended with a mix of open and close ends; some make you think how can this end, while some brings the creative out of you, some leave you heavy hearted too but the beauty of each poem is that the more you dive in, the more pleasant the journey becomes and at the end you just realise that the quest was to understand love the way it is.

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