Book Review: Faith, Hope and Love by Major Geeta Adhikari

Book – Faith, Hope and Love – Heartwarming anecdotes on real life experiences
Author – Major Geeta Adhikari (Retd.)

Blurb – This book is a compilation of the author’s life experiences over the last decade. It is about real-life anecdotes on her firm belief in faith, kindness, empathy and her love for life and the uniform. It so happens sometimes that in this fast-paced world, we forget to pause and wonder about the day-to-day blessings of life. 

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Faith, Hope and Love” is the author’s attempt to remind us of those little joys and lessons of life, through her own experiences; both in person and in her profession.

Review – If I was ever told that a compilation of stories would mean so much to me, I don’t think so I’d believe you. Faith, Hope and Love is a beautiful book. From the simplicity of the themes to the sophistication of the content – it is a beautiful blend of real-life experiences and literature. 

Major Geeta Adhikari” has been very humble in her acknowledgement thanking each and every person who ever contributed in her life and with the making of her book. (One thing that is common between both of us is our love for Bangtan Sonyeondan.)

“Major Geeta Adhikari” has shown their journey as a writer as well as a person in her book. As you will continue reading, you will understand the budding writer turning into an established self-published author. The book has pictures that she has clicked herself which shows her love for photography. 

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The visuals alluringly compliments the stories that she has shared. Her book is like a peek in her life that she has lived and plan to live in future. She has divided her book in four sections – Close to my heart, Hope and Faith, Other things nice, and Uniform.

Under Close to my heart, she has written experiences that define her as a person – her likes, hobbies, childhood memories, dreams, reality, ambitions, and small moments that she cherishes. It is quite intriguing to see how she has expressed her heavy thoughts in such simple style of writing.

As we enter the section Hope and faith, she has compiled all her experiences that kept her going, everything that she’s grateful for, things that taught her important lessons of life, and much more. The blend of her discipline and her point of view for different things has come out naturally that even a reader would feel a part of her journey.

In Other things nice, as the name suggests she includes all small things and memories that make her happy, that gives her joy even in the times of despair. A reader would get an insight that how Geeta Adhikari is as a person.

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Under Uniform, she reminisces her times in the army. Her brotherhood, her team, her squad – a second family with whom she grew up as a strong independent woman.

“Faith, Hope and Love” gives us insight in her life and lets us know the difference between Geeta Adhikari as a writer and as a Major. Her anecdotes are heartfelt. The book is a sweet and soothing experience which works as a comfort blanket when in need.

If you want to read something humane and raw, something that is filled with emotions, I’d 100% suggest you to read Faith, Hope and Love by Major Geeta Adhikari.

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