Book Review – Banjara Brave Women a Book by S. Prasanna Ramchander

Book – Banjara Brave Women 
Author – S. Prasanna Ramchander

Blurb – The book has been written on the basis of Banjara tribal women’s education and the achievement of women’s empowerment in society during 1950, it was just about post-independence India. 

In this novel “Ban , it is described as being about an event and situation, the social awareness of people in the society, as well as chapter-wise how Banjara women come out in the society to educate themselves with a lot of contradictions, injustices, and discrimination against women from rural areas to urban areas to enlighten the lamp of education in the community to develop economically and maintain social justice in the society.

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Review – Banjara Brave Women by S. Prasanna Ramchander is a compelling book that sheds light on the educational and empowering journey of Banjara tribal women. 

Set during the 1950s, the book takes the reader on a journey of how these women, despite facing several challenges and societal discrimination, emerged as strong and determined individuals to make a significant contribution to society.

The book is divided into chapters, each narrating different events and situations that the Banjara women encountered on their path to education and empowerment. 

Through these stories, the author brings to light the social awareness of the people in the society and the struggles that the Banjara women had to face to educate themselves.

The author’s writing style is lucid and easy to follow, which makes the book an engaging read. The author’s use of vivid descriptions and narrative style help the reader to visualize the events and the characters, making them relatable and inspiring. 

The book “Banjara Brave Women” brings forth the issues of social justice, economic development, and the importance of education in creating a better society.

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The author’s portrayal of the Banjara women is not only inspiring but also an eye-opener. The author highlights how these women, who were living in rural areas, broke the shackles of societal norms and emerged as educated and empowered individuals. 

The book also brings forth the struggles of these women who had to face discrimination, and social stigmatization to reach where they are today.

One of the main themes of the book is women empowerment, and the author effectively highlights the importance of women’s education in creating a better society.

The author also portrays how the education of women has a ripple effect on society, leading to economic development, social justice, and equality.

The book also throws light on the economic challenges faced by the Banjara women and how education has helped them in earning a livelihood. The author narrates the stories of women who have set up small-scale businesses and contributed to the economic development of their communities. This aspect of the book highlights how education and economic development go hand in hand.

Overall, Banjara Brave Women is an inspiring read that celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Banjara women. The book highlights the struggles of these women, their journey towards education and empowerment, and their contribution to society. 

The author “S. Prasanna Ramchander” effectively portrays the importance of education in creating a better society, and how women’s education can lead to economic development and social justice.

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The book is highly recommended for those interested in women empowerment, social justice, and economic development. 

It is a must-read for those who wish to understand the struggles of marginalized communities and the importance of education in empowering individuals and communities.

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