Book Review – Are You the Chosen One? by Sanjay Walter Karan

Book – Are You the Chosen One?
Author – Sanjay Walter Karan

Blurb – The title suggests that this is a self-help book by Sanjay Walter Karan, and it will be a life-changing tool for anyone who reads it. This book will motivate you to become not only successful but to retain your success through the proven principles given in it. Friends, many books are available that will lead you to the road of success and happiness, but to retain the same is not only difficult, but sometimes it becomes impossible for some people. This book will help you learn the laws of nature to stay successful and find true happiness. One has to understand the infinite power that guides us, providing faith and hope in oneself. Positive thinking leads you to achieve spiritual, mental, social, and economic growth and success. A friend’s true happiness and wealth depend upon your physical and mental fitness. This book will help you express your true self and find the right person inside you. All the Best for Choosing: Are You the Chosen One?


Are You the Chosen One? is a compelling and motivating guide that encourages readers to recognise their unique abilities and embrace the opportunities life presents. Karan’s writing is sincere and filled with conviction, making it clear that his intention is to empower and uplift his audience. The book is structured around several key themes that form the foundation of personal development and success.

Karan’s central message is that we often underestimate ourselves and our capabilities. He argues that by doing so, we neglect the gifts bestowed upon us by a higher force or the universe. Throughout the book, Karan urges readers to shed self-doubt and acknowledge their innate potential. This theme is particularly resonant in a world where many struggle with imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy.

Author Sanjay Walter Karan emphasises that success in life is contingent upon aligning one’s actions with the fundamental laws of nature. Attempting to bypass or violate these laws only leads to failure. Karan provides valuable insights into these laws, helping readers understand how they can work in harmony with them to achieve their goals. This practical advice adds depth and applicability to his message.

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Karan underscores the significance of self-confidence and perspective as essential tools for personal growth. He offers strategies to build self-confidence, enabling readers to confront challenges with resilience and determination. Moreover, he encourages readers to adopt a positive perspective, which he views as a key driver of success. This emphasis on mental fortitude is a vital aspect of the book.

One of the book’s notable strengths is its focus on holistic success. Karan understands that success extends beyond financial achievements, encompassing spiritual, mental, social, and economic growth. He presents a well-rounded approach to achieving fulfilment, which is a refreshing departure from books solely fixated on material success.

Karan’s writing style is clear, accessible, and passionate. He communicates his ideas with sincerity and conviction, making it evident that he genuinely believes in the transformative power of his message. The language is straightforward, ensuring that readers from all walks of life can easily grasp the concepts presented.

The author employs motivational and inspirational language throughout the book. He often uses direct address, referring to readers as “friends,” creating a sense of camaraderie and connection. This approach is effective in engaging readers and encouraging them to take the book’s lessons to heart.

The text is well-structured, with each chapter building upon the previous one, creating a logical and coherent progression of ideas. Karan uses anecdotes, examples, and practical exercises to illustrate his points, making the content relatable and actionable.

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In terms of readability, are you the chosen one? is accessible to a wide audience, including those new to self-help literature. The author avoids jargon and overly complex language, ensuring that his message can reach as many people as possible.

Are You the Chosen One? by Sanjay Walter Karan is a motivational and insightful self-help book that offers readers a roadmap to unlocking their full potential and achieving holistic success. Karan’s writing style is genuine and passionate, making the book an engaging and empowering read.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, self-confidence, or a more profound sense of purpose, this book provides valuable guidance and inspiration. It serves as a reminder that, with the right mindset and a connection to one’s inner potential, anyone can become the “chosen one” of their own life’s journey.

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