Book Review: The Eclipsed Sun A Book By Ramita Sengupta

Book: The Eclipsed Sun
Author – Ramita Sengupta

Blurb: “The Eclipsed Sun” is an attempt to imagine their world and to tell a humane story of passionate love, family ties, and friendship amidst the revolution. A story of passionate love, family-ties, and friendship amidst a revolution… Born in a nation immersed in the darkness of colonialism, Suraj’s struggle with the injustice around him starts early in life. As the nation awakens, a revolution is built in secrecy by a group of men and women of sheer intellect and courage and, most of all, an undying sense of duty towards their motherland. 

In this turbulent times, Suraj’s life gets riddled with conflicts, failures and tragedies. But there is no dearth of love, dreams, passion, adventures and triumphs in his life, either. “The Eclipsed Sun” is a humane story of the extraordinary courage of common people who built up a revolution that was severe enough to shake the foundation of the biggest colonial power in the world. It is a story of love in every form, against all odds.”

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Review: The Eclipsed Sun is ‘A story of passionate love, family ties, and friendship in the midst of revolution’ – Ramita Sengupta says; A story that takes you through the routes of mystery and thriller, with enigmatic under tones of emotion.

Suraj’s struggle with the injustice around him begins at a young age, having been born in a country engulfed in the darkness of colonialism. As the nation awakens, a secret revolution is being built by a group of men and women of unrivalled intellect and courage, as well as an unwavering sense of duty to their motherland. Suraj’s life becomes riddled with conflicts, failures, and tragedies during these turbulent times.

But his life is also full of love, dreams, passion, adventures, and triumphs. The writing style is highly conversational – the dialogues are engagingly written that hooks you in as soon as you start reading. The bonds between the characters have been expressed beautifully. The representation of beautiful undertones as emotions communicated via the characters has been done exceptionally.

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The Eclipsed Sun has enigmatic scenes that rope you in like a lasso – you can expect some scenes while some slip by you and you won’t have an inkling. The intense war of love, hate, passion, and danger excites you, fascinate you, and after a slow start, the pace picks up nicely, and while there isn’t a lot of emotional depth on offer, this is a light and enjoyable read. 

Intrigue, tension, memorable characters, and shipboard life depicted with utmost authenticity add up to a truly gripping read. With rich character development and intricate yet compelling plotting, Ramita Sengupta brings in different characters with a wide spectrum of qualities in them. 

Ramita Sengupta has always been fascinated by crime stories so her reading list is full of dark history and the real life legends, our freedom fighters, became her heroes. Her love for these deep rooted stories reflect in her book eloquently.

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If you want a story to tickle your criminal story lover nerve, make ‘The Eclipsed Sun’ your next read. 

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